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message 1: by Aislinn (new)

Aislinn | 150 comments Hi Alex,

I wish I could help! It's very strange that on the UK store, the book details are all for the Kindle, but the book itself only appears as a paperback.

I just wanted to mention, even though I'm sure you already know, that if you delay your publishing date now, you'll lose your preorder capability for a year. That's a really tough choice to make.

Anyway, good luck! I hope it turns out.

message 2: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Kendall (luke_kendall) I've found Amazon's support team to be excellent, overall. I would recommend you just persist, and each time they say that it's fixed, and it isn't, go back to them. Encourage them to check the UK site for themselves, to ensure their fix has worked. They also always follow up with a survey link in an email, "How did we perform?" - I would suggest you also fill out the survey, and choose a rating that reflects your lack of satisfaction, and in the area where they ask "Provide more details", explain that they simply didn't fix the problem, and provide the URL that shows the wrong pricing. I suspect that negative feedback may cause an escalation of the effort they put in to fix it.


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