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Paul Sharp | 1 comments I'm reading through Andy Clark's book Surfing Uncertainty (I really enjoyed the podcast on this -- wouldn't have known about this work otherwise!), and am curious to know some more of the (1) mathematics and (2) neural implementation details of the central theory of brain function : predictive processing. Karl Friston & Geoffrey Hinton are cited heavily for contributing the mathematics/neuroscience and AI implementations of predictive processing, respectively. Either scientist (Karl Friston is probably a better match) would be a great guest, I think, to advance ideas discussed in recent podcasts (Andy Clark, Michael Anderson). I envision the import being akin to the past podcast with Bud Craig, who was able to articulately simplify some of the neuroanatomical details involved in the discovery and explanation of interoception. That is, Andy Clark provided a convincing narrative of why predictive processing comports with a wide array of empirical work, everyday experience, and is satisfactory in explaining basic goals of intelligent organisms, but leaves many of the rich neuroanatomical implementational details undiscussed, as well as the underlying mathematics / conceptual modeling. As a graduate student in neuroscience, I am eager to learn more about that -- I hope others are too! I may also be narrowing it down too much by suggesting Karl Friston, as there are likely various takes on the conceptualization and implementation of 'bayesian brains'.

Thanks so much, Dr. Campbell, for creating an invaluable source of cutting edge work for the insatiably curious!

-- Paul

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Virginia MD (gingercampbell) | 321 comments Mod
Glad you enjoyed it.

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