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message 1: by Madison (new)

Madison | 1 comments So I can't find this book I never got to actually read. I read the blurb and excerpt.

Woman babysits for this recluse and in the excerpt he throws her against his truck and they have a pretty heavy makeout session but he breaks it up immediately he's a big recluse. Also the author has a series another book she has is about this hiker who got lost and finds like a house or cabin with a hot caveman guy .. For some reason I'm thinking of seasons like autumn is in the series title and I keep thinking the name may begin with an "M" PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!!

message 2: by Tala (new)

Tala   (tala2) | 109 comments You need to move this to the unsolved folder and put details into the title.
You may get some responses that way.

message 3: by Ruzza (new)

Ruzza | 299 comments Yeah... few people are going to read this because you got this shelved as Solved. And please change the title of your post to include actual useful information about the book, like genre and some brief details... A lot of people don't read posts that have titles like yours, beside I don't know if it just me and it's because I'm super tired at the moment but I find this title a bit rude.

Now to the book itself... Do you have any idea about when the book was published... or at least could you tell us when you read the blurb so we can have timeframe of some kind. Also do you remember anything about the cover?

If you read the other book in the series and you can provide more detailes about that book maybe someone recognises it.

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 36605 comments Mod
Madison, did you find your book?

message 5: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40675 comments Mod
Also, in the future please don't SHOUT. All caps is considered shouting. Reading the group description as well as the first post detailing how to write your first post is very helpful. We recommend it.

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