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message 1: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 35 comments Hi,
I'm working on my first novel and I'm not an English native so I have a little issue with a specific word. My book is about people who are provided a cure for their illnesses from an institution and I need an "umbrella term" for them. For now, I called them simply "Receivers" in lack of a better term but if you have suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 145 comments They would be patients.

message 3: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 35 comments Hi Emma, yes they are (amongst other things) but this term doesn't work in my case. I need something more fictional, something that makes them different from the rest of the "normal" population...

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 145 comments In scientific situation, you'd call the recipients of an experimental procedure or medication 'subjects'.

message 5: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tarn (barbaragtarn) "Receivers" doesn't sound too bad... or you could be more sickness-specific. Is there a specific word in your mother tongue (i.e. have you tried Google Translator) for what you want? Is it some kind of miracle cure (although there is a word in Italian for someone who has received a miracle, but not in English, as far as GT can tell me)? Could they be "Beneficiaries"?

message 6: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 35 comments @Barbara: yes, I've also entered everything I could think of in Thesaurus for finding synonyms, and what I got was acceptor, recipient, receiver, receptor and yes, also beneficiary - the last word would also be pretty good but it seems to be so long when saying it out loud... I'm really torn between Receivers and Recipients but maybe I shouldn't think too much about it ;)

message 7: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Byrom | 7 comments Recipient. Definitely refer to them as Recipients.
It's even good enough to have as the title of the book.
The Recipients.

Done :D

message 8: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 35 comments haha okay thanks for your input!

message 9: by Ray (new)

Ray Sunn | 19 comments I second Lewis's suggestion. The Recepients.

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