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Ulysses Dietz | 1648 comments Crazy like a Foxe
By Haley Walsh
Foxe Press, 2016
Cover by Jeri Westerson

270 pages

Four stars

I’ve decided that the Skyler Fox series is the “I Love Lucy” of gay genre literature. I always look forward to Skyler’s next adventure, and I always find myself rolling my eyes at his antics. Skyler is Lucille Ball to his partner Keith’s Desi Arnaz. Sometimes, he has lots of ‘splainin to do.

Now into his second year as a teacher, and a year into his relationship with his bio-teacher-football-coach Keith Fletcher, Skyler finds himself once again embroiled in a small-town murder mystery involving the local museum, where he’s apparently had a summer job since he was thirteen. In true sit-com fashion, I don’t remember the Lincoln Shrine Museum (an actual museum in Redlands, CA) ever mentioned before. But no matter: Skyler, aided and abetted by his friends (all former hook-ups), sets out to solve crimes while calling on the help of his childhood friend Sydney and her cop boyfriend Mike.

“Skyler, are you insane?” and “Skyler, sometimes you are too stupid to live,” are two of my favorite lines in the book, spoken in places where I was vibrating with frustration over Skyler’s idiotic lack of logic. Then I sat back and thought a bit, back to when I was twenty-six, and in my second year a museum curator (which I still am after 36 years). I’m the same age as Skyler’s parents, and I don’t see the world in the same way that I did back then. That doesn’t make Skylar any less of a nitwit, but it made me remember my own youthful intensity and idealism. Skyler is a boy scout—a very gay boy scout. He wants the world to be good, and he’ll do any stupid thing to help make that so.

There is more than just the central mystery in this book; because we also see how Skyler, the adorably slutty, closeted twink we met in the first book, has grown up. He has to deal with changing relationships around him as well as his own evolving romance with Keith. As an out faculty member with a rather major reputation in his community and his school, he now has to be a role model for the kids in his charge, particularly (but not solely) for the gay teens who look to him for guidance and inspiration. Skyler has to deal with his own mixed feelings over his father’s new presence in his life, and the fact that his friends are all growing too. There are surprising bits of wisdom and maturity that combine with the Hardy Boys silliness in this book and they leave us with the impression of a young man who is getting more complex every day.

And that’s the way to keep readers tuning in—um, buying books.

PaperMoon | 665 comments Oh goody - I'm glad you're still enjoying this series. I like your Lucy-analogy for Skyler! He is crazy-stoopid at times but like all others in the 'SFC' - I find him adorable anyways.
This unlike Mary Calmes character Jory Keyes ... now he annoyed me no end and all I wanted to do was to smack him LOL.

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