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What Would Sebastian's Favourite Books Be?

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Sandra Hmm...interesting post.
I hope I am not asking a dumb question here, but is "A Separate Peace" about a gay relationship? Read it when I was a teen (many years ago) and suspected it was, but just like 'the passage' in Alec Waugh's "The Loom of Youth," I may have just missed it.

In fact, I read the Waugh passage to my husband and he said, "Yes, it's so obvious he's talking about sex here..."

Sometimes I'm a bit slow, I guess! ;)

Julia Hey Sandra,

It's not an exact science, and I'm not an authority. I always thought there was something sexual or romantic about the relationship in A Separate Peace, but it is never made explicit. I've never read The Loom Of Youth, but I'm putting it on my TBR right now, thank you!

Sandra Hi, Julia--I thought of another book for Sebastian's bookshelf. "Good Times, Bad Times" by James Kirkwood. Have you read it?

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Sebastian does not read. He is a divertissement, an-off-putter, not a metaphor, nor an avatar.

Trina Dubya The Jeeves books by P. G. Wodehouse were written during WWII, but if he could have lived that long, I think Sebastian would have loved them for their humor and gentle teasing of the class of society he was a part of.

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Ryu I think Sebastian would have loved Winnie the Pooh (it was written in the mid to late 1920s too), being so in love with childhood.

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