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Zombieslayer⚡Alienhunter (theslayingisthunter) | 318 comments Mod

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments Meow :3

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments I'm tired, but there ain't no rest for the wicked

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments I have major psychopathic tendencies... my way of calming down when having an argument is to image the person dying. Or torturing them. My favorite is a sick image of slowly peeling their skin off with a potato peeler

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments *cupid Shuffles my way back into hell where i came from*

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments (Written 11/13/15)

You're running through my dreams,
I chase after you-but need to catch my breath.
I'll never catch you it seems,
Part of me is lost, but it's probably about time you left.

Yelling, screaming, crying through the night.
I found out all about your damn lies.
I didn't want this, but you always loved a good fight.
I lay on the floor as you scream your goodbye.

I stare in the mirror studying my face.
The red angry outlines of your fingers rising on my cheek.
My arms are bruised, I can feel my heart race.
It's pretty horrific that the neighbors are used to my shrieks.

I lay in bed waiting for your return,
Around 3am I hear you stumble into bed.
You wrap me in your arms, kissing me, making my stomach churn.
Your hands find my hips, many false "i love you"s were said.

I imagine I'm elsewhere, anywhere but here.
I try to think of being somewhere else, wincing from the roughness.
I have been told I need to leave, but that fills me with stress and fear.
I hate myself for my cowardness.

You never really leave, you always crawl back to me.
I don't know what i'd do without you.
I'm too blind to notice how much of a monster you can be.
I've made myself believe you truly need me too.

You never left me like in my dream; I wish you had.
I finally left you; for I ended up on the floor, but i put myself there.
I ended this myself, I'm sorry I did something bad.
I never got to see, how you found me and didn't care.

You never cared, and never did;
for the right reason that is.
This is the end of my letter, I hope I'm going to some place better.

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Slip! | 7 comments Deep.

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments Thank you c:

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Tabi (freaky-emo-kitten) | 25 comments [Intro]
Before you strip down
Make sure the doors are shut
before you close your eyes
check under your bed
Don't worry about the monsters
they're all inside your head. 
Now get in bed.

[First verse]
You life is a big whole mess
daddy didn't love you much.
You keep seeking attention from men who seek what you do best.
So get down on the floor. 
Why do this to yourself you 
so called little whore. 
Here comes another costumer knocking at your door. 

Wake up in the morning and clean up the mess.
You didn't know how to first do this.
That all changed on the first big night.
You want to do it, and you always will. 
A monster in lace is a monster still. 

[Second verse]
Get the makeup on
Cover up those bruises on your arms
Walk up and down the street corner waiting for the next cat call.
Looking for your next victim 
to come on their own
You're too good at this you know.
Here comes another car honking from behind lets get the fun on.

[Third verse]
A little strip tease
Get him all worked up. 
Turn up the music loud to turn the noise out, now tie him down.
Sit on top and make him growl. 
Lean down and kiss his neck
right as the sun goes down. 
His screaming is cut short as the knife slits his throat, and the blood spills out. 

Wake up in the morning and clean up the blood.
Practiced made perfect from the first night. 
Years later this has to be the thirtieth time. 
You crave it for the fun, and always will.
A killer in lace can still fucking kill. 


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jay (jaysonstreet) Tabi wrote: "I'm tired, but there ain't no rest for the wicked"


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