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The Artist of the Missing
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. losing Patricia, working in a doll factory, strange child court [s]

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message 1: by Leeann (new)

Leeann Scott | 1 comments The whole book was almost like a psychadelic experience or the retelling of a dream. The guy loses his girlfriend Patricia (I think) and puts posters up everywhere. Eventually he begins work at a doll factory and many of the dolls begin to resemble his missing lady friend. At some point he is arrested (for putting up the posters? ) and when he's taken into court the panel of judges are very young- almost babies.
I read this years ago while vacationing in Thailand and for some reason I think of it often lately- mostly out of frustration at not being able to remember the title! Any thoughts?

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The Flooze (the_flooze) | 57 comments The Artist of the Missing

Paul LaFarge

LaFarge debuts with a Kafka-like vision that shows great talent with language but doesn't go anywhere fast—and maybe nowhere at all. Frank and James grew up together in a big house in the country, raised by James's parents (Frank's having died). One day the two leave for the big city and take rooms in Mrs. Bellaway's boardinghouse, where Frank teaches himself to draw and also works in the laundry washing the robes of the judges who constitute Mrs. Bellaway's main clientele—and who, we learn much later, are just little kids. After James steals all Frank's money and elopes with Rosalyn, one of three daughters of a hunchback, Frank meets Prudence (her window is across from his), who once had a job at the Quadrilateral University "teaching history to the blind" but now works nights photographing murder victims for the police. Accompanying her as she works, Frank falls in love with her, so that when she, like so many others in the great city, goes missing, he devotes himself to finding her. The "Disappearances" window at the police station, however, proves purest futility. After trying to find a way "to draw the total lack of Prudence" and hanging posters of her all over town, Frank enjoys a brief fame as one able to draw likenesses of the missing—until he's imprisoned for doing so (for the "crime" of encouraging a loss of confidence in the police). After a tidal wave demolishes the prison, releasing all, Frank finds work at a doll factory (he puts in the eyes), discovers a doll that looks like Prudence, steals it and (even though he's now affianced to Rosalyn's sister Evelyn) spends a night on the beach with it/her. Running from the law once again, he ends up with a group of drunks who tell him, revealingly, to "talk, and talk, and see what happens. The trick is to go on for as long as possible."

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Lobstergirl | 40166 comments Mod
I agree this is the book. Moving to Solved.

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