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Wife Against Her Will
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Pregnant main character miscarries after confrontation at bachelor party with male main character…NOT father to her baby! [s]

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Clare (clareinzed) | 22 comments The female MC of this contemporary romance was in love with the cad who promised to marry her but got himself engaged to another wealthier woman. The heroine goes to a club where the cad’s bachelor party is being held to confront him as she is pregnant. She waits in the lobby for the cad to appear but it is his fiancées’ older cousin/brother, the male MC, who comes out to see her. He has been told by the cad that she is running after him. She is wearing a black dress, I think and the cousin/brother suggests that she can ‘entertain’ him instead. She struggles with him and is thrown out of the club and into the pouring rain. She subsequently suffers a miscarriage. She meets up with the male MC later on. The cad has married male MC’s young cousin/sister but wants to continue seeing the heroine. The cousin/brother realizes that the cad is just that…a CAD! Male MC realizes eventually that female MC was innocent of all claims by cad.

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What year was it published or when did you read it?

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Clare (clareinzed) | 22 comments Hello! Can't tell you the year of publication but read it in the last four years. I remember the scene where the heroine goes to the club, probably one of those traditionally exclusive men's places and asks to speak to the man whose stag night it is as she suspects that she is pregnant and can't believe that he is going to marry another woman; he'd promised to marry her!
Instead the man who appears is the bride to be's brother/half-brother/cousin. He is under a misapprehension about the girl. They meet later on after the marriage has taken place and said hero realises that the heroine was a victim as his sister/cousin is having problems with her husband.
Looking through my collection to see if I can find it but it's a cumbersome process!

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Clare (clareinzed) | 22 comments Hello people! Any luck with this one?

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Clare (clareinzed) | 22 comments Hello people! Happy 2018! Still no luck with this one?!

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Pink Angel | 117 comments Hello, When I read your message, from the very first word I knew I had read this book and I remember it very clearly from the start to the end cause it's one of my favorite, but I just couldn't remember its title so I search for three hours to find it for you. The book is :
Wife Against Her Will

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Clare (clareinzed) | 22 comments @Pink Angel, You clever girl you! Thank you so very much. I was just about to give up on this. A big hug! C

Pink Angel | 117 comments Clare wrote: "@Pink Angel, You clever girl you! Thank you so very much. I was just about to give up on this. A big hug! C"
You're welcome and I'm super happy to help you 💜

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