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Dreaming with a Broken Heart (Hollywood Legends #1)
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Title: Dreaming With A Broken Heart
Author: Mary J. Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats Available: Mobi
Page # 302
Review Due Date: August 14, 2016

Book Description:

Hollywood is a cutthroat town.

Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers.

It's time for them to step out of their parents' shadow.


Garrett Landis is Hollywood's golden boy.

If he wants to make a movie, it gets made.

If he wants a woman, he only has to snap his fingers.

The moment he meets Jade Marlow he knows she's different.

She's the first woman to get under his skin. The first woman he can't have.

Jade Marlow is desperate to leave behind her tragic past.

Her ex-husband wants her dead. Her father is her worst enemy.

Jade wants Garrett, but she refuses to drag him into her mess of a life.

The attraction is undeniable.

What happens when your head tells you to stay away, but your heart won't listen?

Sex is easy.

Falling in love?

It's the hardest thing they will ever do.

But it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them.

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Formats available: Mobi

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Review Due Date: August 14, 2016

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Jane (janejane85) | 12 comments Hi Tana, I'm interested. Kindly please send to


Keep Calm Novel On (keepcalmandnovelon) | 165 comments I would be interested in reading and reviewing.

Is Mobi the only format available, if not ePub or PDF?

Thank you Tana.

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
Yes Mobi is the only format available.

Pallavi Hi, I would like to read and review. Could u send it on Thank you

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Jane, Keep Calm and Pallavi an email

Christina Browne (chrissy1800) | 10 comments i would like to review please

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Christina an email

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the file (mobi should be attached to the email. Was there an attachment?

Pallavi Tana wrote: "sent Jane, Keep Calm and Pallavi an email"

Thanks! Read and reviewed! Loved the book

Keep Calm Novel On (keepcalmandnovelon) | 165 comments Hi Tana,
Review has been posted on Goodreads (,, and
Thank you for the opportunity to read and review Dreaming with a Broken Heart.

message 12: by Jane (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane (janejane85) | 12 comments Hi Tana,

Review is up on Goodreads. Thank you for the opportunity in reading this book. Cause me a few piece of tissues. ^_^

Andrea I would like to review. Please send to I've added Read It & Reap's address to the approved list as you instructed.

Christina Browne (chrissy1800) | 10 comments my review thank you for the opportunity

Andrea Read and posted review to Goodreads and Amazon. I found a new author I want to read more of. She has a great writing style. Thank you for this great read.

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