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Vicious (Villains, #1)
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Vicious // V. E. Schwab > are you enjoying this book?

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Betty (bettybiblioteca) | 71 comments Mod
Hey all!

We're coming up to the end of the month for Vicious, and I have to say... I only started this book yesterday, but so far I am L O V I N G it!

It's really grabbed my attention! The concept is so interesting and I really love the way Schwab writes her characters. I'm thinking about buying her other books once I'm finished this one.

How's everyone else feeling so far?

message 2: by Cayce (new) - added it

Cayce (caycereads) | 5 comments I'm failing miserably at this book club thing because I'm stuck in a BOOK RUT :((( but i had to comment and say i'm glad you're loving it!

I'm actually in the middle of reading the second book in her Shades of Magic series and I love her writing so much!! I can't wait to get my hands on her other books! Hopefully soon!!

message 3: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey I'm happy you're enjoying the book, Betty! I had to give it up around pg 200; the timeline-jumping was throwing me out of the story too much to really enjoy it.

Theirdarkness | 9 comments I finished it a couple of days late, my review is up, but the tl;dr version of this book is that I'm not convinced, I guess XD

I will still be checking out her A Darker Shade of magic series though, because I do like her writing style, just not so overly fond of the content of Vicious.

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