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D.H. Jonathan | 4 comments Here it is not even August yet, and I am on my 39th book of the 40 book challenge I set for myself back in late December last year. Of course, one book was extremely short (Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea) but another book was extremely long at over 1000 pages (Stephen King's Under the Dome). My list also includes quite a few winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction since I am making a conscious effort to read as many of those as possible.

One of those books on my list is the one I wrote (and why shouldn't I count it since I read it several times while copy editing and proofing it). Another funny thing that Goodreads did was change my account to my pen name when I became a "Goodreads author". So now I show up as D.H. everywhere.

Anyway, number 39 on my list is Swamplandia!, although at this writing I am only about a tenth of the way into it. I suppose I could post my whole list here, but I think I'll just go with the last ten, in order of those most recently read...

38/40 Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer
37/40 The Sun Also Rises
36/40 The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge
35/40 Backcountry
34/40 The "Volunteer" (by yours truly)
33/40 Heart-Shaped Box
32/40 As I Lay Dying
31/40 Resist
30/40 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
29/40 The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War

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D.H. Jonathan | 4 comments I finished Swamplandia! and moved onto The Girl on the Train for books 39 and 40. My challenge has been completed and in only seven months. I wish I had put 60 on that challenge back at the end of December...

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