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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1)
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Greg | 1138 comments For those who aren't done yet and are afraid of spoilers like me, this thread is for commenting on approximately the third hundred pages of the book (Day 251, GC Standard 306 to Day 49, GC Standard 307) pages 205 - 311.

Greg | 1138 comments Dr Chef's story on Day 251, GC Std 306 was extremely moving. I really loved that chapter. The backstories for some of these characters are great; they add so much depth!

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Greg | 1138 comments I'm just starting Day 45, GC Standard 307 now.

The concepts of the different kinds of Aandrisk families in the last section was fascinating, given the way their young are born less defenseless. It's great the way all the details of the races in the book are so well thought out.

I'm really enjoying the third hundred pages .. first a lot of depth with Dr Chef and now this section focusing on Sissix. I also enjoyed the plot tension with Kizzy's discovery in Pei's Aeluon ship earlier.

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Myriel | 13 comments I started with this section today and honestely - I've finished the book in one rush now. I just couldn't stop!

The background of the individual crew members is fascinating and they also show some insights on their races. I really like the variety of them and that even the old races aren't free of faults or prejudices. But onboard the Wayfarer the individuals manage to cope with each other.

The story of Dr. Chef was heartbreaking - hopefully we don't end up in the same way, but I have some doubts about this :(

Sissix former feather family was a lot more fun to watch and I was glad for her to experience the contact with them again after so much time separated from them. But it was also a great discovery that the Wayfarer crew was her feather family now - this is so much trust in them. I'm not sure how I would react to such a revelation if it would be me in Rosemary's place.

The episode with Pei was a big surprise - how are the chances to meet in the middle of nowhere? At least her relationship with Ashby wasn't spilled by some betraying words or reactions by Asby's crew. And I'm glad that there are also some members of her own crew that Pei could trust with this secret.

After reading Day 45, GC Standard 307 I even have some sympathies for Corbin. The Quenlin totally overreacted and although I didn't like Corbin before, he didn't deserved this treatment. It looks like the universe has some strange kind of humor that only Sissix could free him.

Greg | 1138 comments Myriel wrote: "The story of Dr. Chef was heartbreaking - hopefully we don't end up in the same way, but I have some doubts about this :(..."

I found that part heartbreaking too Myriel :(

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Audrey (niceyackerman) | 3014 comments Mod
It looks like we discover something deep about each crew member on this journey. I don't mind Corbin too much -- I feel anti-social like that sometimes.

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