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message 1: by Stephi (new)

Stephi Cham (stephiesque) | 1 comments I work as a freelance copy editor and proofreader and am employed as a copy editor at The Daily Campus. More information about this is on my personal website if you need it. I generally charge $3.50 per page for copy editing and $2 per page for proofreading. If that's an issue, please let me know and we can work something out.
I've beta read for people for a few years; most of these have been fantasy or literary fiction. Since many writers using beta readers are just starting out, I don't ask for payment. (Donations are appreciated, but definitely not needed and lack thereof will not make me put in any less effort into your work.)
Feel free to contact me via Goodreads PM or the contact form on my website.

message 2: by B (new)

B P Baggett (bpbaggett) | 107 comments Hi,
I am in need of a beta read if you are willing. As payment I can send you a sign hard copy of my book.

message 3: by Pat (new)

Pat | 105 comments I have been approached by someone to copy edit two books. They are willing to pay well, but want my PayPal address to use for payment. I have always either gotten Amazon gift cards or money orders. Is this a safe and often used way to pay? Need answer ASAP! Thanks!

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 145 comments Very safe. I use it all the time and it makes transactions in different currencies very easy.

message 5: by Pat (new)

Pat | 105 comments Ok, thanks so much for your prompt response. I am new to this.

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin Rinehart PayPal was owned (and used for almost all payments) by eBay. Very good if you worry about safety and privacy. I hate them because they always sit on your money for three days, as if clearing funds was done by Bob Cratchit in the Scrooge and Marley counting house.

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