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Interview with award winning author Catherine Lanigan – Part 2

It is with great pleasure that I welcome back best-selling, award winning author Catherine Lanigan today to complete her interview from last week. We were thoroughly enlightened by her candid, fascinating answers in part 1. And now for a continuation of where we left off…..

8. Are you in a zone when you write, oblivious to distractions, or do you need seclusion to write?

I’m in a zone for certain. But I need silence. No radio or television. Though a couple times I have disproved this. When my husband was alive, he could be on a phone call and I completely tuned him out and kept writing. Hmmm. What does that say?

9. What is your writing style? Plotter? Pantser? Combination of the two?

I must be a combination. When I first began writing I was Pantser. Now, I really plot things out and pay attention to my time lines and structures. However, I’ve never done a series before and this is very different from stand alone. I LOVE both!

10. Did you ever receive writing advice that proved invaluable?

Just write. Don’t think. Just sit down and do it. Then send it. Mail it. Email. Let it go!

11. Are you the only writer in your family? If so, if a family member wanted to become a writer, what advice would you give he or she?

I am the only writer. I would advise them to write from the heart. Don’t ever give up. After every publishing house in New York has rejected you, start on another city or another country. If you believe in your story, your work, yourself, you will succeed. Don’t let anyone stop you like I did.

12. Do you tend to feature pets in your books?

This book, SOPHIE’S PATH is not the first in the series with pets. LOVE SHADOWS starts with a massive, handsome, intelligent, gentleman of a Golden Retriever, Beau. (Of course he’s patterned after my own Beau who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me.) FEAR OF FALLING featured Rowan, who stole the show for some reviewers…based on my horse, Redman, who passed away last summer in Texas. SOPHIE’S PATH has Frenchie. Enough said, you have to read the book—and fall in love!!!

13.Can you comment on a writer or a book that’s inspired or influenced you?

How long can this list be? I have dozens. Hundreds. But top of the list is Jane Austin. Then all the American writers of the 1920’s. The poets. Ezra Pound, ee cummings. John Dos Pasos. Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Sigh. My list of current writers is even longer. Barbara Taylor Bradford. John Patterson. Robert E. Parker. Anne Rivers Siddons for starters. Right now I’m inhaling anything written by Beatriz Williams. Lauren Willig and a few others. And I adore my Heartwarming authors Rula Sinara, Kate James, Karen Rock, Amy Vastine, Muriel Jensen, Loree Lough, Roz Denny Fox, Liz Flaherty, Carol Ross, Amie Denham, Sophia Sasson. I could go on. So many.

14. Explain how you felt the first time you saw your name on the cover of your first book.

Interestingly, my reaction has never changed. First, I give thanks to God, because my talent comes from God. I’m only His vessel to bring stories of enduring love to the earth. My mission is a sacred one and I take it seriously. I am JOY filled. I have been known to cry, whoop and holler and dance around the room.

15. How important are reader reviews to you? Do you see constructive criticism as a way to hone your skills as a writer? How so?

I have always taken my reader comments seriously. Quite often, I’ll give them just what they ask for in the next book. Constructive criticism is always valuable. Snide remarks are not and I try not to pay attention to them. Those readers who take the time to write to me and ask for a particular story line or a story about a particular character are listened to by both myself and my editor.

16. When you’re not writing what do you like to do?

Reading is a must in my life. I buy vast quantities of books. I buy all the Heartwarming books on Amazon and I love that they’re delivered right to my door! I read both my own writing and others’ before sleep. I watch little television, but binge on movies. I cook, bake and entertain a lot. My favorite past time is planning dinner parties and creating new tablescapes. I try to plan the menu and the decorations thematically, if possible. However, sometimes, you just have to have filet mignon and a good burgundy.

17. What’s one unique thing you’d like people to know about you?

I adore mentoring other authors. When I first moved back to Indiana for three years I held monthly writer workshops that were all day long…one on one with a small group. Those writers who stayed with it have gone on, published and are getting great reviews. It’s so satisfying. At this point in my career, my life, the interaction of our creative minds is explosive and very stimulating. It wonderful.

18. What genres do you like to read besides romance?

I read biographies, historicals, political intrigue and good mysteries. I will not read horror, vampires or fantasy. Anything that’s dark is not good for me at this point in my life. Gives me the willies.

19. What’s the best thing a reader can do for a writer?

Recommend my book and understand that passing my book around an entire office of thirty women does not let my publisher know that all of you are “dying” for my next book. It is amazing to me that there are so many people who don’t understand the business of publishing is to sell books. Purchasing a book and gifting books to friends is a great way to support an author you really like. I do it all the time.

20. What project are you working on next?

Since I just finished DANGER ZONE for next February, I’m now starting, “WEDDING FOR ISABELLE”. One of the things that I do is create Pinterest boards for each novel with scraps of ideas and posters and scenery that are indicative of the heroine…sometimes the hero. I create the boards as if my heroine were collaging a diary of her inner life. Her dreams and wishes.
Right now, I’ll be working on the synopsis to edit it a bit more. Then I start writing that first chapter.
What a lovely life I lead. I couldn’t be more thankful than to be creating these Heartwarming stories for my readers.

Thank you so much Catherine Lanigan for being my guest again today. It’s been a joy interviewing you and learning all about your life and your contribution to the Heartwarming line of books. I sincerely wish you all the best in your future Heartwarming writing endeavors.

**GIVEAWAY** Comment on Part 2 of Catherine’s interview to be entered to receive an autographed copy of her book Fear of Falling. (If you commented on part 1 and part 2 of the interview, you will receive 2 entries in the drawing.) Please leave a valid email address so that you can be contacted should you win. Winner will be announced on July 30th.
Thank you all for visiting today, and hope to see you again for future author interviews and giveaways!!

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Melinda M (researcher707) | 18 comments Catherine Lanigan, thank you for sharing what you read and how it felt to see your first book published. Looking forward to reading you books.

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Jimnlori | 7 comments Thank you for sharing! Great interview :)

jlipayer (at) charter (dot) net

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Rula Sinara (rulasinara) | 99 comments Mod
Love this interview and your books, Catherine! Great interview, Laurie!

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Heart warming | 35 comments Mod
Rula wrote: "Love this interview and your books, Catherine! Great interview, Laurie!"

Thank you Rula!! ( :

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Cynthia | 4 comments Love the titles of the new books, can't wait to read them. I will have to check out the Pinterest it sounds like interesting boards

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Heart warming | 35 comments Mod
Jimnlori wrote: "Thank you for sharing! Great interview :)

jlipayer (at) charter (dot) net"

Thank you!! ( :

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Heart warming | 35 comments Mod
Cynthia wrote: "Love the titles of the new books, can't wait to read them. I will have to check out the Pinterest it sounds like interesting boards"

So glad you're looking forward to reading the new books Cynthia. ( :

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Melinda wrote: "Catherine Lanigan, thank you for sharing what you read and how it felt to see your first book published. Looking forward to reading you books."

So nice to know you enjoyed reading Catherine's interview. Thanks for stopping by. ( :

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