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Marcie (infinityloki) | 2 comments Mod
So, as many of us Talon fans have read the latest book...
Sallith'tahn? The ending? Whos your OTP?


Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments Hello Talon fan here, just finished reading the book Legion of the Talon series. OMG it was amazing. My favourite character is Garret, I love him so much.
Anyone else read the book? Wanna talk about it.
Also I cant wait for the fifth book to come out. Inferno it soundS so cool..............arg I cant wait till 2018 when it gets released, stupid patience, way to excited. :D

BLGB | 12 comments Hey

I bought the book right on the date it was released and since then it's been standing in my bookshelf patiently waiting to be read.

Sadly I have still other books to read but I'm planning to start next week... I'm so excited and would love to discuss about it as soon as I'm through.

And oh my God, yes, the book title of the fifth part sounds soooo awesome. Can't wait

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments yeah I know it sounds sooooo awesome, I wish it was already out, just letting you know the book Legion gets way more intense it made me feel so many emotions from deep within.......ugh too many emotions swelling up, need more to read. (Runs to book shelf and grabs a random book to start reading)
Anyway I am currently supposed to be reading four books at the same time but I get distracted.
The ending of Soldier destroyed me...when Garret got shot, OMG I died and probably cried. Haha. You will get a surprise in Legion on what happens next.
Enjoy your reading everybody :D

BLGB | 12 comments Oh no! I'm crying you make it sound soooo intense which basically means I'm going to cry scream and laugh so hard.
But I'm confident :D

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments Yeah :D

BLGB | 12 comments Jesus Christ! I've just finished the book and I'm speechless. The last chapters were epic, no doubt. And I can't wait for the fifth book.
I'm still all churned up inside and I don't have any words.

If anyone wants to discuss the book - I'm ready! Right here.

Julie Kagawa is the queen.

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments yay you finished it. woohoo. about the feels tho, I had them every time I finished a chapter, the book is soooo good. Kagawa has done a superb job

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments ok here are some questions
who is ur fave character?
who annoys you the most?
what do you think the fifth will be about?
no dobut the rouge dragons and st George will team up. become friends, train together and stuff.
Also who do you ship. I personally love Garret so when I thought he died I was dead emotionally, but he came back and might be half dragon. it would be so cool if he could turn into a dragon. Also Ember probably likes Garret more now because he harbours Colbalts blood and Embers dragon was attracted to him. Arg whats gonna happen!!!!!!! :D

message 10: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments Every time I finished a chapter I was like "ok, calm down, let's get some food and catch a deep breath" but I always found myself going on and on and on... and suddenly the epilogue came and I was through. Like "is that really the end of the book or is Kagawa just fooling us and there is an extra block of chapters following"? Nope.

And as always she managed to take us fully in. I lost count of how many times I was thrilled nobody of the main squad would get killed.

message 11: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments So...

Naming my favorite character is pretty hard though. But I'll go with Riley, I guess. I mean, boar, that's so hard to tell! I basically love everyone. Riley, Garret, Wes, Ember, Jade... :) (I know I answered this question second to none. Like a pro)

And probably the greatest ship is the bromance between Riley and Wes. Like Ember and Garret are pretty awesome but the two lads are... hilarious. :D

But the most annoying one is definitely Dante. No, just no. He's so... arg! I could tear out my hair one by one. This guy just doesn't grasp anything. And how he always act as if Ember has some serious issues and needs medical help because she went rogue. Like no, boy, she hasn't any problem, the one with the real issues here is you!

And for the fifth book... I just know one thing: we have to prepare ourselves for the worst and most epic final battle. And please, no death of one of the main characters. I'd cry, seriously.

I'm not sure if I answered to all of your questions but I hope I did to most of them. I'm curious what your opinion on the whole thing is ;)

message 12: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments Oh and yes, I almost forgot. It would be pretty cool if Garret was some sort of mix-up of human and dragon. Like none of the classic ones like Ember more like a human with special effects :D

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments yes you answered the questions superbly. And I have to agree with the Riley and Wes ship, they are halarious with thier little snark remarks and comments. oh and yes Jade is awesome, the scene where she suduced the guard....that was funny, I like how they had a new race of dragon to open up maybe new characters to come.....? Dante annoys me as well, I feel as if he is so stupid. Just because the elder wrym says "hey im your mother, lets be besties and rule the world, oh yeah sorry for not being there for the past 15 years of your child hood had to kill innocent dragons to make myself immortal by the way I will be your sister" I mean why does he just believe her, hes supposed to be a trickster and yet hes dealing with master trickster of all dragons. hes got problems. and im just like " Dante hurry the f up and see your being played" or "dont you dare touch Garret, no dont hurt gonna kill you Dante" I get so frustrated with this character but I did feel sad for him when Kagawa revealed that he will never run Talon and was just a piece in the elder wyrms puzzle...but still.

message 14: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments You're right. I mean Dante and all his crude actions but in the end he's her brother and I would have forgiven him he ever turned his back to the organisation. But sad he won't

Oh and I have a question too ;)

What do you think about the return of Mist and her mysterious boss? And is it just me or is there SOMEHOW developing a thing between her and Riley. Don't know about you but I kinda think they wouldn't be such a bad match... :D

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments omg I totally agree. who is this mysterious boss? I have this wierd suspicion that is is Dante, remember when he talked to Mist about looking after Ember...maybe he is tricking the elder wrym and has this massive plan but then again he attacked st George but he didn't know Ember would be there and he probably just wanted revenge on could be a possibility, think about it.
With Riley and Mist I agree there could be something going on between them and it could be a thing if Ember stays with Garret. Kagawa is leaving a lot of options open, shes definitely got something big planned and I cant wait 😃😃😃

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments Also with the Riley and Mist ship......I totally ship it :D it will make the book more interesting and maybe cause some jealousy with Ember. He he

message 17: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments I haven't thought of it yet :D but some jealousy issues would've nice :)
I have the feeling the mysterious boss could be one of the three wyrms because Mist said something about the boss accumulating informations and that's basically what the wyrm in the vault does...

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments oh yeah, thats a good idea. was he in las vegas? cant remember, but when Kagawa described him I was like "whoa he sounds so cool" :D

message 19: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments One of them was in Las Vegas
I guess the other one in the vault was in Chicago? Beneath a library? I'm not sure anymore

But definitely he seemed to me like a pretty tough grandpa (in a good way) 😂

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments ha ha lol yeah 😃

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments when Kagawa revealed Ember as being a vessel I was so shocked I was like "what....what did I just read that" I would of never guessed anything like that to happen and Ember could have lost some memories but she seemed ok because she remembered Dante, Garret, Riley, Wes the hatchlings bassically the main characters but she must of forgotten something but what?
any ideas or thoughts on Ember being a vessel unless it was a lie but they did try and destroy her memories so it has to be true.....

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments man Kagawa likes to rack are brain with thoughts. :D

message 23: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments I had a hard time believing it. I was like, wait, wait, wait, what?! - it was kinda sci-fi though but I was totally shattered and I was so hoping Ember wouldn't forget anyone, especially not Garret or Riley. I mean the memories of her younger days - who cares - just none of the guys!

(And I admit it I'd had to page down till the moment where she opened her eyes. Usually I don't but this time there was no other option left otherwise I would have screamed (which I did indeed))

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments The talon series is soooo good, I sometimes think it could be adapted into a movie, I mean is has action, romance, suspence, comedy and possibly more great atributes and in saying that there aren't that many dragon based movies that cover all these genre's, let alone it be based in modern times and I think thats what would draw peeps in, that the series is not medieval but modern where you could imagine it out your front door, I mean we have the tech and effects to pull a full scale moive like this off and I think it could help other authors to take up the role of making books into movies because thats where the best adventures exist.....ha ha sorry just went on a random rant, I just like my movies and especially if my favourite book series could be adapted into a movie. ......:D ok calm down just talk about the book. whew ok any thoughts on the rant above and anything eles that may be dwelling in your mind on the book to bring up? :D

message 25: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments Adapting the book into a movie is actually a pretty good idea but I'm always concerned about the cast. Y'know what I mean? You imagine one of the characters and then there is the cast and it just destroys all your imagination coz either it's a match or it's horrible.

But a movie about dragons and stuff would be nice😏

message 26: by BLGB (new) - rated it 5 stars

BLGB | 12 comments Anyways, I wonder if the rogue dragons and the chapter house of the Order will stick together in the future. In the meaning of, if they'll be from now on a team or they'll split up..?

Furthermore is Dante really aware of the fact that the Elder Wyrm wanted to take over Ember's body, isn't he? Because I thought he doesn't even know that they're basically vessels for the wyrm so he might not know about the delete-Ember's-personality-and-let's-put-the-evil-woman-into-her thing?

Maybe he'd turn away from Talon. Or maybe I'm just being naive.

Grayson (silverboi123) | 14 comments Well considering its Dante, he would probably stay in talon and "say, sometimes you need to make scarifies sis" and just agree with the elder wyrm, he will basically do anything to get to the top of talon, sadly for him I don't think that's gonna happen.
just gotta wait and see :D

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