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Illumination (Maereath: The War of the Democratic Coalition, #2)
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Eric Mrozek (eric_mrozek) | 5 comments Hi everyone,

My new book, Illumination, is going to be released on July 29th, so I am looking for reviewers. Since this is part 2 in a trilogy, I will also send you a copy of Destruction for your reading enjoyment. If you are interested in this offer, simply post or PM me your email and a desired format (EPUB/MOBI).

As of right now, these books are only available on Amazon, so I'd request that you put your reviews there and on the book pages. You can find the synopses via the links above.


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Eric Mrozek (eric_mrozek) | 5 comments Illumination is now out, but the offer is still open.

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Mike Lee (dmlangel1101) | 7 comments I am just polishing up my book The Death Clock. I will also offer the book for FREE to anyone willing to review it. Here is a small sample.

“You’re not, then just who is this in this picture going into the resistance meeting place.”
“I have no idea, but it isn’t me.”
“I see, well a little bird tells me you are in the process of joining then.”
“Who ever told you that is a liar.”
“Ok, well the liar says you are going to a meeting this Wednesday.”
“That is impossible. I am in the process of applying for a job with AIT. ”Adam lied.”
“Ok, so you think we are gullible. You act like you are the leader of the free world.”
“I never said that.”
“No, but you act like a big shot. We see the swagger in your step and we mean to swash it out. Like a bug.”
“Good,” then in a flash, the larger man grabbed Adam and the other man zapped Adam once again with the Taser Stick, knocking the struggling young salvage man to the floor.”

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Mike Lee (dmlangel1101) | 7 comments Loads of action and suspense and a GREAT surprise ending. Talk about a family in crisis. This is it.

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