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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > Chapter 10: Why does Minnie make the suggestion of calling Jamie :Captain Fraser"? Why do the others accept it?

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Celeste | 26 comments Discuss...

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Shanna | 40 comments I think Minnie suggest calling him "Captain Fraser" because it goes back to her knowing him previously, and her knowing his "secrets."
But in the course of the situation Jamie finds himself in now, even though Minnie suggested it John carries it out, I think because 1. of Quarry being there and knowing what Quarry did to Jamie, and to show Hal that Jamie isn't just some prisoner but he was an Officer. 2. As a show of respect to Jamie since he is in the room with other Officer's.
The others accept it because Jamie carries himself different plus they are afraid of him anyway and when they know he is now "Captain Fraser" there is the authority/respect given the title.

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Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments I agree as well. I also think Minnie wants Jamie to know that she thinks she has this situation under control. They all know who Jamie is and the respect issue is at hand. These are also Bristish characters and proper behavior/manners comes before many things, I think DG writes a phrase about John thinking everyone knows Jamie is not a common criminal. Another thought is that Jamie choose NOT to call out Hal and that took a lot of control and discipline which demands respect as well. Moral code is high in this book.

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