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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > Chapter 8: What do you think of how Hal treats Jamie?

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Celeste | 26 comments Discuss...

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Celeste | 26 comments Hal genuinely likes Jamie, which I think kinda surprises him. While he says whatever problems are between John and Jamie make no difference to him, I think family loyalty had him prepared not to like Jamie. I think he also knows that treating Jamie like a man instead of a prisoner will garner more cooperation out of him. He can send Jamie where ever he likes, but he can not control what Jamie does or how he acts. I also think Minnie may have a little something to do with it.
But just in case this isn't enough to garner is cooperation, he threatens to have him imprisoned. This is just good military tactic. I don't doubt that Hal meant it, but I also think that if it came down to it, John, and possibly even Minnie, would change his mind.

message 3: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 40 comments I think Hal doesn't want to like Jamie out of Family loyalty, and loyalty to the British since Jamie is supposed to be the enemy, but he does. I think Hal truly respects him as a soldier, and a man. I am sure LJG kept him informed on Fraser during his prison time... so I think Hal he realizes J is more of a "fighter" than he originally gave him credit for after Culloden. And Hal knows there are issues between Jamie and his brother but he is better off not knowing the details.

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Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments I wish it was more consistent. Sometimes he ignores him, sometimes behaves like they are peers, and sometimes like he really likes him almost friendly like.

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Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments He definitely appreciates not having to fight him. Jamie not calling out should have helped Hal see Jamie's true character and respect that.

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