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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > Chapter 6: Why do you think Lady Isobel looks shocked when Jamie is taken away by the soldiers? Why does Betty look "maliciously pleased"?

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Celeste | 26 comments Discuss...

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Celeste | 26 comments I also think Isobel knows the truth about William's paternity. She and Geneva were close, and I imagine that kind of secret is hard to keep. But she may also think her father is sending him away, and she knows he hasn't done anything wrong to revoke his probation. While she appears not to like Jamie, I think she does have a sense of justice and fairness, and thinks highly of her father, and would be surprised that he would do that to Jamie.
I think Betty thinks that her story to Roberts has gotten back to Lord/Lady Dunsany, and they are having him taken away for his treatment of her. She feels like if she can't have him no one should.

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Shanna | 40 comments I also think Isobel knows of William's paternity. But I also think she has a tendency to eavesdrop, so she could be aware of what Jamie is as a Prisoner and as far as Betty she and the Butler both acted as if they did something or knew something that's why he was taken.

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Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments I agree. Betty a scorned woman! I think she wanted to get revenge. I think she may know if the paternity secret as well. She may have been witness to Jamie masturbating after his Claire dream in the barn when she was there.

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