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message 1: by Elias (new)

Elias Khoury | 5 comments Who do you think is the best writer for each individual character?!

I'm new to this so it would definitely help newcomers to find a starting point or a writer to follow per character.

From what I've gathered online:

Captain America - Ed brubaker

Deadpool - Joe Kelly

Punisher - Garth ennis

Spider-Man - Stan lee

Daredevil - ???

Green lantern - Geoff johns

Batman - ???

Superman - ???

Flash - ????

X - Men - ???

Thor - ???

Hulk - ???

Please add more of our heroes. I don't want to make he initial post too long!

Can't wait to see what your answers.

message 2: by boymeetscomics (new)

boymeetscomics | 79 comments X-Men - Claremont
Thor - Simonson
Daredevil - Miller
Iron Man - Michelinie

message 3: by Blindzider, Moderator (last edited Jul 19, 2016 10:09AM) (new)

Blindzider | 3244 comments Mod
Good topic!

X-Men: Claremont/Byrne and later Kyle/Yost
Spider-Man: Stan Lee
Hulk: Peter David
Batman: Miller, Morrison (haven't read them yet but maybe O'Neill)
Captain America: Brubaker
Daredevil: Miller

I'll have to ponder the rest.

FF: Lee/Kirby, Byrne, Hickman
Green Lantern: Geoff Johns

message 4: by Jose (new)

Jose Sandoval (josejaviersandoval) Fantastic Four - Stan Lee/Jack Kirby, John Byrne

message 5: by Relstuart, Mod+ (new)

Relstuart | 2916 comments Mod
Iron Fist - Brubaker/Fraction (with the Netflix show coming soon I would not be surprised to see a renewed interest in the character).

Flash (Modern) Waid (three omnibus volumes)

I do actually prefer the Bendis/Brubaker run on Daredevil to Miller

If we get into older Captain America Grunewald is the preeminent writer as he wrote Cap for ten years but Brubaker is the modern master.

Nick Fury - Steranko

X-Force - Remender (Black Ops X-Men team)

Avengers - modernly New Avengers by Bendis and Avengers/New Avengers by Hickman are the top books.

message 6: by Blindzider, Moderator (new)

Blindzider | 3244 comments Mod
For FF I think Lee/Kirby, Byrne, and Hickman are all good in different ways.

The Lion's Share Daredevil - Bendis
Green lantern - Geoff johns
Batman - Snyder
Superman - Morrison
X - Men - Claremont
Thor - Simonson
F4 - Hickman
Avengers - Hickman
X-Force - Remender

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