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message 1: by Brianna (new)

Brianna (bebecburt) | 550 comments Mod
no spoilers please

message 2: by Ria (new)

Ria (ban1chka) | 118 comments I think this was my favourite chapter ever.
First of all - ('I should have made my meaning plainer,' said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look Umbridge directly in the eyes. 'He has achieved high marks in all Defence Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher.')
Minerva! Dayum, girl! That was one hell of a burn!

And second of all - there were tears in my eyes when Fred and George left the school. This could not have been more glorious.

message 3: by Brianna (new)

Brianna (bebecburt) | 550 comments Mod
When will Harry learn not to lie to Hermione? lol

I kind of like that Harry is questioning his 'worship' of his father.

They haven't really seen much of Hagrid since he got back - I thought Hermione was helping him lesson plan?

I love that McGonagall stood up to Umbridge. Way to go!

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