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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
[image error]

↳[first name]:
↳[middle name]:
↳[last name]:

⤿Rank: (nobility, peasant, royalty,)
⤿Birthplace: (choose from one of the isles, or put down N/A)

↳Sexual Orientation:
↳Relationship Status:
↳Feelings for:

Physical Apparition ➤
(view spoiler)

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Body Type✮

Dressing Style➛

History ➤
[4+ Sentences]

Personality ➤
[4+ Sentences]

[Main Traits]





Mannerisms: [explain habits and quirks here]

Commonly Seen With:


↳[describe character's mother here] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡
❝[insert quote about mother]❞
[image error]

↳[describe character's father here] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡
❝[insert quote about father]❞
[image error]

Theme Song➛: [anything else?]

Oracles aren't typically known for being oracles, meaning that they usually keep their identities a secret. They are known for being especially intelligent and witty though. Both are taken from home at a very young age, but Overseers are the overly religious ones, extremely against the use of dark magic. However Oracles aren't all against it, but do avoid it.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Part 1

The second a human loses their comfort zone, the more simplistic their actions become


↳[First name]: Axis
↳[Middle name]: Toaru
↳[Last name]: Minx

⤿Birth: December 27th
⤿Rank: Nobility
⤿Birthplace: N/A

Gender➛ Male
↳Sexual Orientation: Bi
↳Relationship Status: Single
↳Feelings for: Open (Good Luck)

Physical Apparition ➤ (view spoiler)

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
✮Hair✮ White
✮Eyes✮ Red
✮Scent✮ Usually smells like thick cologne
✮Height✮ 5'5
✮Weight✮ 128 lbs
✮Body Type✮ O-
✮Miscellaneous✮ N/a

Dressing Style➛

History ➤ Axis, like all Overseer's, was taken from his home when he was age 12, so he never really had a real childhood and claims to not remember his parents. If he does, he just pretends he doesn't. He had to go threw the trial to determine if he was going to be an 'Overseer' or be 'Put Down', much like the other kids who were taken as well. When taken, he didn't seem to show any anger or sadness at the disappearance of his parents, he sort of just adapted to it. No one really knew what made him secretive or what made him seem a little distant from the other kids. But, he had strong determination, and the Elder Council seemed to take an interest in him, but thats all that mattered.
After that, Axis spent his life fighting to the top and did everything to get there. He cried after watching his parents be tortured, but that was the last time he showed any emotion towards it all. Other then anger, of course. After that, he turned rather competitive. He remembered all of the 7 scriptures that every Overseer must know and if anyone got close to remembering them as well, he'd do anything in his power to make sure they didn't. Or where they'd step down and let him take the lead. He wanted nothing more then to be known as the High Overseer some day, and thats what he became.
After which, he spent most of his time studying or doing 'other stuff', which not even his guards are aware of.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 678 comments Part 2

Just because I'm weaker, doesn't make you stronger, does it?

Personality ➤ To put it shortly, Axis is a seductive, sadistic asshole. He seems to have no fear of dying and no sympathy for anyone, no matter if they're dead, dying, need money, or anything else. In fact, death and inflicting pain on himself and other's seems to make him happier. He has a high tolerance for pain and is even known to actually be quite addicted to it. Along with sex, of course, but we'll get onto that later. Under his sleeves are scars. He doesn't cut for attention, however, he does it for the thrill of feeling pain run threw his veins. He has many tattoos and piercings under his shirt and even has scars from previous fights he had with others. Its even said he MAY have some secret spots hidden within his pants that are tattooed and pierced as well, but no one knows for sure.
Now, onto his sex addiction. No one's really sure why he's addicted to it. No one's ever seen him be in a relationship before, he just keeps around both men and women to fuck with but rarely ever gets attached to them and often gets rid of them if they ever got attached to himself. He doesn't go all the way, however. Usually, he'd rather just watch without a shirt, which is why no one's ever seen under his pants. If he ever feels.. Needy, he takes care of it himself or uses one of his FEW close slaves, which he doesn't have many. To add onto that, no one knows this about him. He doesn't let it get out that he keeps these people close, he just makes people think they're close friends or servants of his. Thats it.
Axis HATES being smothered and hates if people don't fear him. He WANTS them to fear him and will most likely try to kill them if they don't. He hates being touched as well and will often freak out if touched by just about anyone. So, its best not to touch him.
Axis is someone who often enjoys starting fights with people. He's sort of a rebel and hates following orders, so if someone tells him to do something, he'll most likely do the opposite. For example, he hates a damsel in distress, but if he knows saving someone will piss someone else off, he'll definitely do it.
However, to strangers, not many know his true personality. He's known to hide these sides of him in public so to most he seems rather secretive and knows how to force a smile. In front of a crowd, of course.

I strive for something beyond the strongest. That challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever. That fighting me would be a sin!

[Main Traits]

↳ Blood Thirsty

↳ Sadistic

↳ Power Hungry

↳ His red, unpleasing eyes

✓ Blood
✓ Fighting/Killing
✓ Spicy Food
✓ Darkness
✓ Inflicting pain on others
✓ Sex (Some may say he's a bit addicted)
✓ The colors white and black
✓ Wolf Hounds

✗ People disobeying him/Not fearing him
✗ His favorite sex slaves being taken from him
✗ Sweets
✗ People trying to act smarter or stronger then him
✗ Losing
✗ Annoying people (People who whine a lot or don't stay down when they've been beaten)
✗ Cats
✗ Children

This is not a negotiation, a suggestion, a deal, an entreaty, an argument, a compromise, or a capitulation.. Its my triumphant return you fuckers!

✪ Fighting
✪ Speed
✪ Seductive (Comes in handy when he wants/needs something)
✪ Sadistic (Due to this, he can easily kill or inflict pain on other's without showing any sympathy)
✪ Thieving
✪ Stealth

❏ Losing
❏ People who don't fear him
❏ People who beat him at his own game
❏ Heat (He hates it)
❏ Cold Weather (He gets sick easily)
❏ Fear (Its rare for him to feel fear. But, if he does, its probably his one true weakness)
❏ Fire

Mannerisms: [explain habits and quirks here]
✹ If he smiles, run. That's all there is to it
✹ Chews on his thumb when he's in deep thought
✹ Speaks before thinking
✹ His pupils shrink when he's in a blood craving mood

There's no one who can stop me. The world is in the palm of my hands! I want absolute power!

Commonly Seen With: N/A


↳[describe character's mother here] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡
❝My mother? Never knew her. I heard that bitch is dead now though!❞
(view spoiler)

↳[describe character's father here] Love:♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡
❝My father? Never knew him.❞
(view spoiler)

Theme Song➛: [anything else?]
♛ Insanity Frost Mix

Heh.. I like how messed up your heads are.. But, you're annoying me now, so ill just kill you both right here.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
(view spoiler)

▹× Age ▹× Male▹× Pansexual ▹× Birth N/A
▹× Leo ▹× Vampire ▹× Vice Overseer ▹× Power Hungry

❝PHILOSOPHY. ‘It is here that we make our stand as a righteous force against the growing darkness. It is here that we unite against the spirits of the unknown that would drag us screaming into the night, never to return to our homes, to our families! Together we will serve as a rod to those who would stray from the herd, for the foggy gray wastes of the Outsider.‘.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ i have lost myself in the ∂αякdescription descriptiondescription
but you are my ℓιgнt━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

▓× × × P E R S O N A▓

( i. ) вιologιcal ιnғorмaтιon}
name• • Theddeus Abithorn Whitecliff
age• • 26
gender• • Male
sexuality• • Instinctive

( ii. ) ѕpecιeѕ ιnғorмaтιon}
species• • Psychic Vampire
(view spoiler)
alignment • • Neutral Evil

( iii. ) eхтra ιnғorмaтιon}
tarrot card• • Eight of Swords
zodiac• • Leo
theme song• • Seven Nation Army

▓× × × A P P E A R A N C E▓

(view spoiler)

( IV. ) pнyѕιcal ιnғorмaтιon}
eyes• • Red
hair• • White
general build• • Defined and Toned
height• • 5'7
weight• • 145
scent• • Roses
clothing style• •
(view spoiler)
notable characteristics• •
(view spoiler)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
▓× × × P E R S O N A L I T Y▓
( V. ) perѕonal ιnғorмaтιon}
likes• •
(view spoiler)
dislikes• •
(view spoiler)
weaknesses• •
(view spoiler)
strengths• •
(view spoiler)

▌│█║▌║▌║ ∂εscяιρтιση ║▌║▌║█│▌
Whitecliff is probably one of the most arrogant people in the empire. And he means it all sincerely. He actually believes he is far more superior than the common rabble, specifically because he's the vice overseer. And technically, by rights, he's not wrong. He's treated with the highest amount of respect, he's involved with the most important political figures, and immediately informed when the empire faces any hardships. Even though he lives in Serkonos, the least regarded isle in the empire. He goes by his last name, more officially, "Overseer Whitecliff", just because he likes the sound of his inferiors calling him by his official title. He likes to remind people of how low they are in comparison to himself. And honestly he really needs to be humbled considering how much he thinks of himself, which is to say, as a god. He takes full advantage of his power, and wont hesitate to attack anyone who opposes him, and then easily cover it up with some sob story. Which he's done multiple times. In fact it's quite safe to say that he's actually a murderer by this point, a real killer. A sadistic asshole who plays with people's lives just because he's got nothing better to do.
However he's also treated a lot like a charity case as well. Considering that he's a vampire, he's on a very thin tight rope, and all of his misdeeds only make the baggage he carries heavier and heavier and one day, that tight rope is going to snap. And he'll be branded a heretic and finally banished from the overseers. And he'll have no one to turn to.

▌│█║▌║▌║ нιsтσяү ║▌║▌║█│▌
Whitecliff was born to high ranking nobility, in familial relation to the empress. For many years he was spoiled, given the finest clothing and toys and anything that would make him content. When he turned twelve, his father, who was High Overseer at the time, took him into the woods late at night, where he underwent the trials of aptitude, and without the slightest bit of trouble, he became an overseer. Back then it was normal. He was human. Untouched by the void. Untouched by the darkness. At sixteen years of age, in the late hours of the night, a vampire, pure blooded, stalked into his home and killed his father. It was an assassin, an agent of the outsider. But not just any, a marked one. And that mark burned itself into Whitecliff's mind, as that hand gripped his own unsuspecting throat, before sinking its teeth into unmarked flesh. From that night on he was a vampire. And the Abbey only allowed this because he was the son of a well respected high overseer. And thus this anomaly was acceptable, for once. Though many are weary of him. His condition is mostly disregarded, and embraced even, as he uses it to slay those that oppose the Abbey, or himself.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━Bow down to your кιηgdescriptiondescriptiondescription
or die where you ѕtαη∂━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 130 comments description

╬❝ Death is a Privilege of the living. A destiny without reason, continually roving on, evermore. How fleeting a thing it is. One cannot live and forget about Death ❞╬

↳[first name]: Eznho (Called Ez) Meaning: Walks alone
↳[middle name]: Sanjiv Meaning: Life
↳[last name]: Than Meaning: Death


⤿Birth: June 20th


⤿Rank: (Political Royal)
⤿Birthplace: N/A

↳Sexual Orientation: “Bae, for anyone and everyone. Wait, who the hell says bae? Sounds like a mistake to me... kinda like you.”
↳Relationship Status: ”Get the hell away from me freak.”
↳Feelings for: “Uh, nunya.”


Physical Apparition ➤





t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s

✮Hair✮ description

✮Eyes✮ description

✮Scent✮ Metal, Fresh rain
✮Height✮ 5’ 6”
✮Weight✮ 152 lbs
✮Body Type✮ AB positive

✮Miscellaneous✮ He has two personality’s. In the day, he is known for his brains and his potential to make changes and help others, Mr. Perfect, in short. But in the night…. Well. His demeanor changes completely. He is a psychotic killer, to be blunt.


Dressing Style➛

History ➤
As a young child, Eznho was neglected by his father and abused by his mother. But this isn’t some petty sob story, Ez took control of the situation. He used his parents actions to his advantage. His father was a well known noble of great stature. And Ez knew he would be inheriting that. He also knew his mother’s many other lovers besides his father were rich and well endowed. As his father’s invisible son, he learned many valuable things. Most importantly, “Never let someone take you down, and if someone is in your way to power or what you want… Make sure they are never found.”
With his mother, Ez was nothing but a plaything. When she had her lovers with her, he was a slave. But a crafty slave. He stole what he wanted after slipping drugs into his mother and her lovers drinks. By doing this, he would leave his father’s mansion and his mother’s side to get to know the people who would help him gain power.
With these such people, he would put himself forward as a charming and happy young lad. But at night, with all of the things he had obtained, his knowledge, his cunning personality, and whatever else, to create havoc. Or, to be blunt, to kill those he thought were in his way. By doing so, as his father and mother grew old and eventually died (”Natural Causes, I assure you… heh.. If a blade to the throat is natural.”), and Ez gained their riches and power. Now, he still works by day as a Royal Politician, but by night, he hunts for those against him, or somehow in his way.

Personality ➤
During the Day: Ez is a perfect person, he loves to make friends, and puts on an act that he would want to help or aid anyone. He acts and seems as though he would be your very best friend.
• Loyal
• Trustworthy
• Supportive
• Intelligent
• Loving
• Hardworking
• Good manners
• Optimistic
• Educated
• Mature

During the Night:
• Arrogant
• Machiavellian
• Unwilling to cooperate easily
• Sadistic, and faintly masochistic
• Boastful
• Cruel, Cunning, Cynical
• Deceitful
• Dishonest, a natural Liar
• Impolite
• Naughty
• Unpredictable
• One to laugh in the face of death
• One to make any situation his own to control
• Vengeful
• Sometimes, he hesitates to kill, as if his Day personality gets to him, when he wakes up in the morning, he remembers what he’s done, and usually suffers mentally and emotionally for it.



[Main Traits]
↳ His intellect both in the day and at night

↳ He is better than anyone else. Period.

↳During the day, he is Mr. perfect.

↳He’s a little shit sometimes.


✓ Rain
✓ Making people cry for lost loved ones
✓Pissing off those who he believes think are higher than him
✓ Himself… Narcissistic little bitch.
✓ A good challenge
✓ Suffering

✗ Losing
✗Anyone who is better than he is
✗Allowing others to get to him
✗Anyone who gets on his nerves
✗”Freakin happy ass people”
✗Getting blood on his clothes. “That shit don’t wash out well.”

✪ Annoying people
✪ Getting out of tough situations
✪ His intellect and cleverness
✪His way of hiding weapons on his body
✪He also plays the flute! Yay!


❏ Being outsmarted
❏ He gets bored easily
❏ His lust for blood, and denial of killing.
❏ He hates lightning, it’s too bright and loud

✹ He giggles to himself if it his night version of himself
✹ He loves to be with other people and be social during the day, but not at night
✹ Habit: Laughing at things he may find funny from… years ago
✹Has a strict dressing habit. There is a very strict way to get dressed.
✹Loves the sound of guitars, will go towards the sound


Commonly Seen With:
⟹His blue jacket at night
⟹ A condescending smirk
⟹… Or a happy-go-lucky smile.



↳[describe character's mother here] Love: “Unnecessary”
❝What a woman. A nice rack on her. Heh. Yeah she was my mother… shut the hell up. I didn’t ask your opinion anyway. ❞

↳[describe character's father here] Love: ”Who needs their fathers love? Gross”
❝My father didn’t care to speak to me often… He was too busy with dealing with fools like yourself❞

Theme Song➛: Discord, The Living Tombstone

description description

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
Accepted yo

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