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K B (kbcook) | 182 comments The Nefarious Plot, by Steve Deace is a short-sweet-to-the-point modern-day version of The Screwtape Letters about the society and culture of America ... Worth reading.

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K B (kbcook) | 182 comments It's Dangerous to Believe: Letter to a Once Christian Nation, by Mary Eberstadt is excellent. A proper expose of what has taken place in our national society over the past 50 years and how progressivism has made living according to Scriptural belief dangerous and what to expect in coming days. Recommended reading.

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K B (kbcook) | 182 comments Conscience and Its Enemies: Confronting the Dogmas of Liberal Secularism, by Robert P. George -- Very enlightening and well researched. Easier reading than I anticipated and for that I'm grateful. Worth your time!

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