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message 1: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 32 comments Hi all,

I am in need of reviews for my illustrated children's book 'My First Words In Yoruba?

My First Words In Yoruba is a cute little illustrated book with a toddler's first words in both Yoruba and English.

With more than 40 pictures, organised into topics from names of food to names of places amongst others, it is sure to grab any toddler's attention

When read together with an adult, a toddler would love learning new words in Yoruba

It is available in both mobi and pdf files

Please send me an email to request a copy iyayetunde1 @ gmail .com

Many thanks for your support

message 2: by K AKUA (new)

K AKUA GRAY (readingtoreview) | 17 comments Greetings,

I sent you an email to request a copy.
Looking forward to receiving the copy.

message 3: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 32 comments sent you a copy now, thanks for your support

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