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Steven Lindsay | 20 comments The Wrath of the Forgotten (The Fallen Angels Book 4)
ISBN-10: 1534675434
ISBN-13: 978-1534675438
Paperback and Kindle

The world has forgotten many things that it should not have.

Hera has unleashed Typhon, Scourge of the Olympians, in the hope that he will destroy Zeus’ progeny. She hopes his fury will encompass the Angels that carry Zeus’ blood, but to Hera’s horror, he reveals that Zeus is not dead.

Agrat has released several diseases; polio, cholera, tuberculosis and humanity’s ancient enemy, smallpox. None but the Heradmantium Empire are prepared for the devastation of these plagues. Not even the Divine are safe as the death toll climbs into the billions.

As the world cowers, the Divine plot their next moves. The Dragon, British, and Heradmantium Empires expansion is stalled by pandemics, but even in their weakest moments, the Goddesses’ power continues to grow. To kerb Brigid’s phenomenal power, the Angels plan to invade Britain. But none of the Divine could have predicted the new players to enter the fray.

Beneath them all in the bowels of Tartarus journey Sariel and Hecate. They seek to awaken Gaia, the Great Mother Goddess, and in the process will discover a great many forgotten horrors and wonders that still have their part to play in the world. Can they manage to reach her in the heart of the planet? And if they do, will she deign to assist the Gods in their battle with the Angels?

450 pages

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven Lindsay | 20 comments thank you very much.

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