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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (getintothesun) | 8 comments This is pretty much my ideal, but I'd also like a table to put drinks & snacks on, and a blanket. Oh, and a cat. :)

message 2: by Lin (new)

Lin  | 6 comments One of many ideas I like (#2 & #3).

message 3: by Anna Catharina (last edited Jul 16, 2016 02:08AM) (new)

Anna Catharina I like this one:

Sorry, I don't know why it's not shown clearly at goodreads... but maybe you get an impression of what I mean...

message 4: by Jackie (last edited Jul 16, 2016 09:28AM) (new)

Jackie [image error]

I love the light and the view!

I cannot get the picture to post.

message 5: by Nell (last edited Jul 16, 2016 09:32AM) (new)

Nell I love this one from the link posted by Lin

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mblisa) | 8 comments Love all the photos! =)

message 7: by Kim (last edited Jul 16, 2016 11:16AM) (new)

Kim (catmommie) wishful thinking:

in reality, a skinny dormer with that pink chair in the first picture:

message 8: by wonderwomand (new)

wonderwomand | 163 comments Ronnie wrote: "

Bet you didn't think you would learn Welsh today ;)

Hour 5 Challenge. Almost 1/4 through the Readathon. This is going to be all about your dream 'Reading Nook'. You can add a pictu..."

Sitting on a bay window with big pillows behind me.

message 9: by wonderwomand (new)

wonderwomand | 163 comments Nell wrote: "I love this one from the link posted by Lin


A room like this with a bay window instead of armchair.

message 10: by jaxnsmom (new)

jaxnsmom | 17 comments Taking a break while out and about...
 photo reading table_zps8glc7aan.jpg
Perfect day outdoors...
 photo reading place_zpsmodwve52.jpg
A lovely rainy day...
 photo reading rain_zpsvyuz3xxb.jpg

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