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message 1: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments So, you wanted to the servant and master RP?
Which role and gender will you be doing?

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Hmm...female servant I suppose... :)

message 3: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Alrighty then, what should be the setting?
Modern, past, future?
Real world, fantasy, or scifi?

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Past, fantasy. Like I suppose in a castle.

message 5: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Hmmmmm......
Ohhhhhhhhhh, I got an idea!
Maybe my guy could be a king of Dragons and rule a small invincible island nation. He could be a warrior king who lost his wife to his enemy nation's assassin. That pushes that last straw and he makes an assault on the enemy nation's capital. He defeats them and makes one of the peace treaty terms that the princess become his servant.

message 7: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Alrighty, so where would like to start?
When my guy is attacking the capital or after it's done?

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments How about after? We could fill in small details about what had happened....

message 9: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Okay sweet, I'm going to make my character profile.
I tend to be detailed when making profiles, so I apologize if I take awhile. :)

message 11: by Grim (last edited Jul 17, 2016 07:22PM) (new)

Grim | 349 comments Name: James Silverwing
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs
Body Build: Muscular and lean.
Skin: Pale
Hair: Long straight pitch black
Eyes: Scarlet and similar to that of a reptile.
Face: Cold and calm. (void of emotion)
Torso: White buttoned up shirt with some of the top ones undone
Legs: Black pants with a brown leather belt that has a golden buckle.
Feet: Brown leather boots.
Weapons: A giant spear and a medium round shield. Dragon claw gauntlets (made of black steel)
Armor: Royal armor(black steel with golden trim)
Powers: Control over dragons, communication with dragons, inhuman strength, inhuman agility, and fire manipulation through the body.
History: Was raised as both warrior and king. Also was engaged to the woman of his parent's choosing. Didn't care much for his wife, but took the murder of her as an insult. His nation of Draxfel has always been at odds with other nation, but he wanted to make an example out of the nation that decided to attack his.

message 12: by ☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (last edited Jul 15, 2016 06:52PM) (new)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments ❂Name❂ Aliea Alexandria
❂Agє❂ 19
❂Gєη∂єя❂ Female
❂Sρєcιєѕ❂Human/Siren (siren part is a secret)
❂Aρρєαяαηcє❂ https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
❂Hιѕтσяу❂ Aliea wasn't a normal princess. She stayed mostly in the forests by her kingdom, training with her sword and singing. She never sung to anyone, because of the dazed looks on their faces whenever she did. Her father had told her that her mother had been a siren, not just any siren either. The queen of them. Of course, they couldn't be together, so her father raised Aliea on his own under the lie that her mother died in childbirth. The nation of Lutheran always considered the nation of Draxfel abominations. But apparently the other nation won.
And now Aliea was paying the price of her father's actions.

message 13: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Shall I start or do you wish to?

message 14: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments Oh sweet.

message 15: by ☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (last edited Jul 15, 2016 07:54PM) (new)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Could you start? :)

message 16: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments James sat upon his throne looking out the window that was straight across from it. It was large and had a stain glass pattern on it. It pictured a dragon and it's master. He sighed and got up he walked to the right of his throne. He went out on a near by balcony and looked downward to the city.

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea scrubbed the floors of the dining room. She had gotten half of it to a glossing sheen. She had been working on it for hours, with no breaks. She looked at her reflectionz pushing some of her hair in front of her slightly pointed ears. Aliea sighed, she didn't understand why she forced her self to work so hard.

message 18: by Grim (last edited Jul 15, 2016 08:05PM) (new)

Grim | 349 comments After a few moments of taking in the view James yawned and went to go wonder the castle. He entered the dining room and saw Aliea working. "So this is what you're doing..." He said gazing at her reflection. He walked closer to her and said, "You're people have caused a blow to us, unprovoked. We simply mine and build. Make weapons and settle matters between other kingdoms. Ofcourse for a price. It's been like that since ancient times. Though the king of Lutheran, the legion king they call him. Thought he could send us a message of... Discontent with our way of living. Warriors and riders not to mention the king who has dragon's blood. He hate us by jealousy or something else that's petty. It could have been because that my departed wife a noble Lutheran who was engaged to me and rather than let her sully your nations name, he decided to relieve her from our marriage. I didn't have a choice in marrying her or having her leave my side. That means he stole her, yes?"

message 19: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments (sorry for the wait on the reply, had to go do something :c)

message 20: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments (Hey, I got to catch some sleep. Hopefully we can pick this up tomorrow if you are on. Night.)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments ((It's okay.;) ))

Aliea lowers her head. "Yes m'lord. " she said quietly. She ared not to speak louder. She scrubbed harder to get rid of a troublesome spot. She focused on it with all her being, trying to distract herself from his looming presence.

message 23: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments "I have a question for you Aliea. You have different features from that of the humans in Lutheran, such as your father and his queen. I doubt that you're not his child, but as for the daughter of that woman. It doesn't match. Are you mix breed perhaps? Your father seems the type to be irresponsible enough to not think what his actions with a woman could result in." He said kneeling down and then gently grabbing her chin. He lifted her head and said, "It's awfully rude to ignore your master while he is talking to you. The work can wait while I am here, understood?"

message 24: by ☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (last edited Jul 16, 2016 12:31PM) (new)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea lowered her eyes and set the cloth down. "Yes m'lord." She didn't want to answer his question about her origin, she believed that he wouldn't believe her. She could barely believe it herself. How could her father, being the man he was during the war, have been allowed even close to a siren, the queen for that matter.
However that happened, Aliea had been the result of that romance, if it had even been one. She decided that if he asked again, she would say that she was part elf. It would explain her ears, if he ever saw them. And she wouldn't be really lying, sorta, sirens were often mistaken for elves in human form.

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Grim | 349 comments "Alright, that settles one of my questions. Now tell me, what other talents do you have? As good as you are cleaning, I'd rather be using you to your full potential." He said as he stood back up and walked over to the dining table. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey along the way and sat down. He took a swig of the bottle and then placed it on the table. He turned his attention back to Aliea and said, "Stand or take a seat, sitting on the floor like that makes me feel like I'm punishing you."

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea nodded and rose to her feet, her eyes still lowered. Years of punishment had taught her not to look into her agressor's eyes. It would often result in whipping. She kept her mouth shut, she dared not speak louder.

message 27: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments "Tell me your talents and stop hanging your head like a depressed child." He said resting his head in his hand.

message 28: by ☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (last edited Jul 16, 2016 05:54PM) (new)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea raised her head, her eyes practically flames. But she did not barely keep her cool. However she didn't care if she got punished or if he heard the musical note in her voice. "I have none, unless you want me to fight for your amusement. Or hunt." she said, her voice was as clear as the lake by the balcony. And it was loud and clear, a hi into of music in it.

message 29: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments He smiled and let out a laugh. He stood up and said, "I like it! Finally you speak up! A battle sounds delightful. We'll go to the arena by the lake and I'll even find some armor for you to wear." He walked up to her and bent over slightly so he could directly into her eyes. "Now don't go losing that fire inside you. It's more lively and lovely." He said mere inches from her face. He then stood straight and began walking out of the dining room. He stopped and looked back at Aliea as he said, "Follow me."

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea snorted and walked after him. As of the moment she was her reckless self again. All those fun times running in the forest and wrestling with bears and cougars ran through her mind. She was filled with adrenaline.
And she loved it.

message 31: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments When James entered the arena he grabbed an armor set for Aliea and placed it near a weapons rack. He then went to the opposite corner and then whistled at a high pitch. A dragon that was medium sized came down with his shield and spear. James smiled and pat the dragon's head as he said, "Thank you Fivi." The dragon flew off after James grabbed his weapons. James turned to Aliea, hoping she was ready.

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☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea had two swords on her back and beautiful black armor. The helmet lay on the ground and she hand her hands inheritance hips. "You ready?" she said, yawing softly. "Nice dragon, by the way."

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Grim | 349 comments "Thanks, she is at the juvenile age. They can be alittle mischievous at that age, but she's always been well behaved. Oh and yes I am ready. Ladies first." He said with a grin. He then got in a battle stance.

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☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea sighed and unsheathed her swords. "Masters before servants." she said as she took her stance. She twisting her swords in her hands, backing up to give him room.

message 35: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments "Clever girl." He said with a chuckle. He charged and then swiped with his spear swiftly.

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea dropped into a split, dodging his spear. She kicked her leg out, hitting his kneecap and sliding under him to her feet.

message 37: by Grim (last edited Jul 16, 2016 07:14PM) (new)

Grim | 349 comments He launched at her with his shield and lunged his spear downward toward her legs.

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments She jumped up onto his spear, flipping off and landing behind him. She swung her swords as she spun to adjust herself.

message 39: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments James flipped his shield behind him and let the swords hit before twisting around. He swung his shield to the left while he twisted at the moment the swords impacted his shield causing the momentum of the strike to go left. He then slashed downward with his spear.

message 40: by ☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (last edited Jul 16, 2016 07:31PM) (new)

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea blocked his attack, sliding her body from underneath her swords and moving her swords beside her. She let a small smirk cross her face as she stepped to the side, twisting slightly as she prepared for another attaxk

message 41: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments (by the way I updated his armor and weapons.)

"Real squirrely ain't cha?" He said smiling as he lunged forward dropping his weapons. He grappled onto her and disarmed her as he did so. He put her into a really tight hold and held her down.

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments (kk)

Aliea struggled. Eventually she relaxed her body. "That's not fair." she grumbled jokingly. "You moved too fast..." her breaths were heavy.

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Grim | 349 comments James laughed and got off her. He held out his hand and said, "Look who's talking. You're pretty agile." His clothes were dusty from the dirt from the arena and the fact he was getting alittle carried away.

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea grabbed his hand and pulled him to the ground, shooting up to her feet. She laughed softly. "Never let your guard down. And thank you, I guess its from my mother."

message 45: by Grim (new)

Grim | 349 comments "Well, as long as you don't kill me I'm okay with it." he said as he got up and dusted himself off. He looked down at her and said, "Did you know her or were you just raised in the castle as the king's daughter?"

☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments Aliea frowned slightly. "No, I knew what she was but I never knew her. I guess she didn't want to rule beside him or something. But sometimes I do wish to know her. All I have of her is what I'm capable of..." she trailed off a little. "Can I swim in the lake m'lord? " she asked looking up at him.

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Grim | 349 comments "Do as you wish. I'm not harsh to those who serve me. Simply ask and you might be surprised as to how lenient how the demon king of Draxfel is." He said giving her a soft smile. He gave a whistle and Fivi came down for his weapons. Fivi flew away as soon as she picked up both weapons. James turned his attention back to Aliea and said, "Do mind if I watch over you?"

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Grim | 349 comments (Hey, I got to go catch sleep. See ya tomorrow, night.)

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☽˜”*°• EccentricScruffy •°*”˜☾ (eccentricscruffy) | 56 comments ((see ya, goodnight))

"Not at all." Aliea said, taking off her armor and picking up her weapons. She placed them away and headed off towards the lake at a running start. Her hair became undone as she ran, blowing in the wind freely. She stopped in not far from the shore, shedding her shoes and running again. A smile came across her face as her toes sunk in sand, she leaped into the water, diving with a small splash. Aliea swam deeper under the surface before coming back up for air, her hair was back a little, showing her ears. She sighed softly in content as she floated, it felt so nice to be in the water. She closed her eyes.

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Grim | 349 comments James walked up to the lake to see Aliea resurface and stopped where he stood. He found peace in watching her relax and enjoying nature. James walked over to a near by boulder and sat down on it.

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