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Which two deaths did Rowling have in mind?

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Julia I clearly remember the years before the final Harry Potter book was released, and there were many rumours that started circulating. One that has really stuck with me was Rowling stating that there would be "at least two major deaths" in the final installment. My question is: to which two was she referring? Here are the pairs of deaths I can remember hearing about at the time:
Snape and Dobby
Snape and Voldemort
Harry and Voldemort (The last word was also said to be "scar," but this was a false trail, because the last word is actually "well.")
Here are some websites from 2007 that offer the predictions from that time:
There were likely many others, but of the pairings I listed, technically all of those characters died (with Harry given the option to come back). So my question is: which two was she talking about?? I would guess Snape and Voldemort because they were the most influential to the plot, and their deaths were permanent. There are at least a dozen notable deaths in the last book, yet I don't recall the names of Lupin, Tonks, Fred, Mad-Eye, Pettigrew, Colin, or Bellatrix being mentioned.
Of course Rowling could have just meant it as: "There will be a lot of deaths, and AT LEAST two of them will be major characters," which was, essentially, how she said it. But the number two just seemed so specific that I understood it as: "Along with many other deaths, two of them will be especially critical to the plot." It sounded like she had two names in mind when she said it.
Who do you think she meant to imply with the words "at least two deaths"?

Ruby I bet that it is Snape and Dobby because those were seriously impactful and somewhat unexpected.

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