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message 1: by Jim (last edited Jul 15, 2016 01:16PM) (new)

Jim Vuksic The Inverted World by British author Christopher Priest is a uniquely original dystopian novel. (First published by Harper & Row in 1974.)

The city of Earth is steadily winching its way forward on tracks picked up and laid anew every day to avoid being swept away in the constant southward movement of the land itself. The inhabitants have been moving the city for two centuries, hoping to be one day rescued by the mother planet, Earth, from which they have somehow been separated.

message 2: by Mick (new)

Mick Kelly | 25 comments Read this many years ago (maybe even in 1974) - a great book. Always been a big fan of those 'New Worlds' authors. I used to get the magazine from the late 60s until it folded. Happy days!

message 3: by Nick (new)

Nick Swyft | 17 comments I'd add 'The Adjacent' and 'The Islanders' to that. Mr PRiest can be a hard read but well worth the effort. One of the few writers with a true imagination.

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