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July 2016: Biography Memoir > Spaceman - Mike Massimino - 4*

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message 1: by Elise (new)

Elise (ellinou) | 525 comments Those of you who watch the Big Bang Theory know Mike Massimino as Howard's astronaut teammate who he talks to on Skype sometimes - yeah, I didn't know he was a real astronaut either!

I'm usually not a big fan of biographies and memoirs - because I don't really care about people I don't know telling me "look at how many problems I had to overcome before I became awesome". And though this book had some of that, it also had space travel, which is cool. But not only space travel - he talks about the human side of NASA, and the community of astronauts, and the challenges they face today. Stuff that we're not necessarily aware of.

And his descriptions are wonderful. They make you actually want to go to space to see all that beauty for yourself. And they also make you realize that every sci-fi book you've read, TV show you've watched, movie you've seen, has some kind of mistake in it. (not to mention the Tintin albums where they go to the moon!)

As far as the science goes, it wasn't too bad. Yes, I have a background in science, but I despised all my physics classes, and I still understood and enjoyed all the nerdiness about force feedback and such.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of space travel and astronauts, but also to anyone in general. It was a very interesting, amusing and eye-opening read.

(It only comes out in October though, sorry!)

message 2: by AJ (new)

AJ Timberlake (ajtimberlake) | 830 comments Ooh it sounds good. How'd you get hold of it?

message 3: by Elise (new)

Elise (ellinou) | 525 comments My mom went to the American Library Association conference last month in Orlando, and they hand out a bunch of uncorrected proofs for novels to be published, and that was one of those she brought back. She picked it up because she recognized him from BBT and was also amazed to learn he's a real astronaut ^^

message 4: by AJ (new)

AJ Timberlake (ajtimberlake) | 830 comments Oh very nice!

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