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Ghost Of A Chance (Ghost Protector Trilogy, #1)
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Title: Ghost of a Chance
Author: E. J. Divitt
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
: Formats Available: Mobi, Epub, Pdf
Pages: 178
No one told Jenny Chang that she was descended from a long line of supernatural protectors. When her father is murdered, the mantle of Protector passes to her. Suddenly thrust into the world of the dead and beholden to Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts, Jenny struggles with new powers and new responsibilities. As she tries to find her way, Jenny must face an old evil that is loose in the world and uncover a secret buried in her family’s past.

The first 20 people to sign up leaving their email address and format they require will receive this free ebook for review.

Review Due Date: August 04, 2016

Pallavi Hi!
Format: mobi

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Lys (lysrowan) Pallavi wrote: "Hi!
Format: mobi

Sent :)

Pallavi Alyssia wrote: "Pallavi wrote: "Hi!
Format: mobi

Sent :)"

Thank you!

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Lys (lysrowan) I think I might do this one too. It looks good, and it should be a quick read.
Any other takers?

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Cooper | 11 comments Would love to read this. Can you send it as a pdf to:



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