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Dani (thepeacefulmuser) Hello everyone! My name is Danille (my friends call me Dani). I'm a lifelong lover of books who has been sorely slacking the last few years. I enjoy just about anything but my favorite genres are cozy mysteries and historical fiction. Other than reading I enjoy the simple things in life. A cup of coffee with my husband, game night with friends and family, scenic walks to collect my thoughts, things of that nature.

I found this group by browsing through the immense list on GR. I was drawn here because of the sense of community that I felt from reading through some of the posts. Also for the innovative challenges and discussion topics. I love how you all push each other to broaden your horizons.

I can't wait to get started reading and sharing with everyone!

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10123 comments Mod
Yay! Hi Dani, glad you found us! Welcome!

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