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The Amazing Journey of The Wizard

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message 1: by Sina (last edited Feb 27, 2008 01:28PM) (new)

Sina | 2 comments Dear Paulo,

Probably this isn' the first time you're hearing this but 'You really made me the person i am today; someone who is capable of thinking,feeling,living.well of course these are all things we humans were supposed to do in the first place but oh! how we lost our way.
pleae don't look at this just as another praising letter from a crazy fan cuz atcually by writing this i would like to only tell you how i feel; THANKFUL.
Thankful for the opportunity you so magically provided through the beauty of your words...yes words; creatures that hold fractions of your spirit,the spirit of the universe and since i was a part of universe it was just like going home...although i can't say that i'm home now but i'm definately on my way.
Thank you Human!


message 2: by Masha (new)

Masha | 1 comments Dear Mr Coelho,

This is a dream coming true for me to have such a chance to let ou know HOW Mich I care for your WRITING....

I don't know you personally but I realise I have started knowing you as a person too.

Hope if God gives me a chance to reach Brazil or make a trip to Kolkata, I will be the first one to meet you.

Alchemist portrayed a new "ME" inside my inner mind.
Veronica helped me to overcome my stress
River Piedra is perhaps just not a river to me it is almost an inner journey

Short stories made me realise how much you can explore with your words & reach so many

At present Eleven Minutes is making me feel I AM A WOMAN.....And it's been known better than me by you as a writer.

I am passionate about your writing.
I love your creation.
Keep on inspiring me.......

May God bless us all.

Jhelum Banerjee

message 3: by Mehdi (new)

Mehdi | 1 comments dear paulo
hi i'm so happy to write this message for you
we (peaple life in iran ) love you and we like you come in iran. thanx
we waite for you
take care

message 4: by Paulo (new)

Paulo (paulocoelho) | 52 comments Mod
Dear Mehdi,

I've been to Iran and loved the experience.
Thank you for remimding me about this fantastic adventure.


message 5: by Paulo (new)

Paulo (paulocoelho) | 52 comments Mod
Dear Masha,

thank you for your kind message. it always fills my heart with joy to see how my books affect the readers.


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