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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Gilbert (matt_gilbert) | 21 comments It's been on preorder for a bit but is not here. I also need this added to the series "The Eye of the Lion Saga" as book 2.

* Title: The Mad God's Muse
* Author(s) name(s): Matt Gilbert
* Publisher: Amazon
* Publication date: July 29, 2016
* Format: ebook
* Page count: 305
* Link to cover:

* Description:
"The world will become as ash." So promised Elgar, the Dead God. If he could not punish the men who stole his power, he would punish their children. But that was long ago, and few remember his curse, now. To keep the knowledge alive for a thousand years, to convince others of the danger, to resist true prophesy is the work of generations of champions.

Young Prelate Ahmed Justinius knows this well. He is but the latest to take up this torch, but, he fears, he may well be the last. Tribune Brutus Samir intends to take their men home, to quit this accursed land for good. No amount of pleading will move him, or convince him of the truth Ahmed knows in his heart: it is Ilaweh's will that they stay and fight, and Ilaweh cannot be denied. His will is a force of nature, and like a desert storm, might bury a man who stands against it.

If they can survive Brutus's stubborn folly, there might still be time to do as Ahmed's predecessor had hoped: to ally with the sorcerers of Nihlos, the Meites. They were but legends when Ahmed set out on this voyage, but an ill fated scouting mission confirmed their existence, even as it brought chaos and fear to the city of sorcerers.

Worse, while the Meites exist, they are not what Ahmed expected. They are violent, arrogant, and fickle; prone to wild mood swings and emotional outbursts of destructive behavior. With the chaos Ahmed's scouts brought to Nihlos, it is entirely possible the Meites are at this very moment killing one another and anyone who gets in their way. It could have already taken place and be part of history by now.

If so, the fate of the world might already be sealed.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Gilbert (matt_gilbert) | 21 comments Thank you for your help, Codex!

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