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Vengeful Unhinged by Jerry Sonenblick Jerry Sonenblick

Genre: Legal, political, thriller, mystery, suspense, & scandal

Vengeful Unhinged

Book Description:



LOTS OF GRABS: A series of vengeful roadblocks borne of greed, revenge, betrayal and political self-interest confront David Sherwood, a Tucson lawyer, in the 1960s, who, though a “gentle spirit” possesses an “iron will.”

DISCRIMINATION AT ITS UGLIEST: Early on in his career, David experiences gut-wrenching, major grief, as his love, Julie Landow, breaks off her engagement due to her father’s interference, because he is Jewish.

REVENGE ON HIS MIND: Enter Mason Grewe, a disbarred Tucson lawyer, who moves to Las Vegas and ends up as top man for an organized crime gambling enterprise, which is a front for an international money-laundering scheme. Mason continues to avow revenge against David, who uncovered his nefarious schemes in Arizona that led to his disbarment.

POWER LOSS THREATENED: Wealthy Barney Stone, who seeks power as much as profits, attempts to “muscle” David, but soon discovers that David cannot be bought or controlled. Recognizing that David is a threat, he, too, seeks to bring on David’s downfall.

LOVES’S INTERPLAYS: David finds new love and weds the very lovely, Mista. She finds in him all the attributes that she ever sought in a man and seeks to accompany him on his ambitious quests. Yet, as he rises, she begins to realize that she cannot overcome the negative forces of her meager background, and is unable to cope with the many challenges that confront her. She admits to her failings. Overwhelmed, she betrays David by retreating to a life of solitude.

CONSPIRACY BECKONS: Pressures converge when Bart Langley, a US Senator, and personal friend of David, is forced to resign from office, when his wife discovers that he engaged in a three party, sex-driven romp, which shatters their marriage. Bart resigns and appoints David to replace him in the Senate, subject to the approval of the Governor. Grewe and Stone join forces to oppose the appointment and present an alternate candidate to the Governor. Will the conspiracy work to bring David’s rising career to a halt?

“JUST DESSERTS:“ He who points the gun may end up on the receiving end.” Mason’s criminal activities, when discovered by the fbi, expose him to an unimagined deception ending in murder. Barney’s arrogance leads to disgrace as the veil is lifted off his treacherous plot that led to Senator Langley’s resignation.

THOSE LEFT STANDING: Senator Bart Langley’s former wife, Julie, David’s first love, meet again, eyes lock-in, at a dinner honoring David’s political appointment to the Senate. To what end will they come?

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sent in your request Tony

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