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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance novel about a woman who is a thief and can shape shift into anyone (human only). Spoiler ahead. [s]

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Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments This is an erotic novel, with the protagonist being able to transform her appearance into anyone. The book starts off with her planning to steal an painting or map of some sort. Her main love interest is a police officer or someone of that nature trying to bring her down but ends up falling in love with her in the process.

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments There is a scene where she transforms into a blonde and seduces him at the beach and he starts to put together all the women she disguises herself as, into one person. She is also very skilled at fighting and might have spy backgrounds.

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments She doesn't remember her original form, as she is constantly changing her appearance.

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'Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen?

Ariana, what year did you read this book?

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments Around 2014!

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments She doesn't change into a werewolf or dragon but instead she can alter her apperance like Mystique from X Men

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Please note the bump period for this large group is 30+ days -- or sooner if you remember more information.

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments Spoiler: at the end she never finds out her true shape but continues to live with her counterpart in different forms.

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Ariana Medina, I'm deleting your duplicate thread for this. Please only create one thread per search, and bookmark it so you don't lose it.

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This is the information you have provided in the deleted thread:

"I read this book about 5 years back. The story centered around a female protagonist with the ability to change her looks into anyone, kind of like Mystique from XMen. She plans to steal a famous relic or work of art from a museum. An agent tracking her realizes she can shape shift and they fall in love. She doesn't shape shift into dragons or werewolves but instead she transforms into other people. The cover of the book had two people embracing on a darkish background with the title perhaps in yellow. I also remember she never had an original form, she just keeps her favorite form from time to time. Also, bad guys blackmail her into stealing the artifact (pretty sure). There were some steamy scenes in the book. Also remember a scene where she's on the beach and morphs into a blonde in order to seduce the agent and get him off her tail."

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments She's a famous con artist who has the ability to change shape and plans on stealing an artifact from a museum, an FBI? Agent is trying to stop the heist but ends up falling in love with her in the process

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments She was originally contracted by the villian of the story to pick steal the artifact but ends up partnering with the FBI agent to defeat him.

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments The book is styled as a cat and mouse game where the FBI agent is trying to nab the relic thief while they end up falling in love through the process

Ariana Medina Medina (lenprojectdiva) | 19 comments I finally found the book. Only took 3 years. It's called "Dreamwalker" by Kathleen Dante

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Great! Glad you found your book, Ariana. Thanks for the update. Here's the link - Dreamwalker by Kathleen Dante.

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