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Kaie I am halfway through this book so far and it has me wondering a bit about what if this is the afterlife? What if Elsewhere is how death is? How do you think you would handle being in Elsewhere and what would you like to do if you were there?

Personally I think I might get a job like Liz. I feel like I would rather work with cats, but that's a personal preference. Really I know I would have a hard time dealing with the fact I am dead, but I hope I'm like an awesome old lady like Betty so I could have more time there to prepare for other family or know I would have a chance to meet loved ones before it is my time to go back.

Taylor Sanders I've read this book it is amazing!!!!!!!! I wish there was a second book

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Shy It is a great book. I think I would kind of react the way Liz did in the beginning. I would be so sad I don't even know if I could keep a job there. It would be better than no afterlife at all but probably harder on people who died young. I wish there was a second book too

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