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Taste of Darkness (Darkness, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA dragonshifter w/multiple POV. Hero is dragonshifter, heroine not sure. Travel to different dimensions. His family put themselves in pods to avoid grief of separation. [s]

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Hford | 8 comments I would like to find a book that i have read within the last 3 years. It has multiple POVs. The hero is a dragon shapeshifter and i dont remember what the heroine was. They travel to different dimensions and i believe that was due to the heroine..? The hero was separated from his family as a child and to avoid the grief, his family put themselves in pods of a sort. The separation was because of a betrayal and jealousy and discovering who caused it is a plot point. Also, the book is part of a series and the heros sister has her own book later on.

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Kris | 36067 comments Mod
Hford, is this paranormal romance for young adults/teens or older adults?

Hford | 8 comments I think young adults

message 4: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 625 comments was it a new release? did you read it in print/ebook?

Hford | 8 comments Ebook and it was written within the last 10 years

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Lobstergirl | 40227 comments Mod
Bumping since Hford posted recently.

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Joyce | 16 comments Is it a Sherrilyn Kenyon book? She has books about dragon shifters that can time travel (somewhat).

Hford | 8 comments I found the book. It is Taste of Darkness by Katie Reuss. Thanks for your help though guys

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Kris | 36067 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Hford. Thanks for the update. Here's the link - Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus.

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