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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 10 comments Please help me find this book!!!!
The female main character had a car accident after walking out of her own wedding ( i think she heard her fiancé say that they were only getting married for money and power, or so he could take over her family's business)... The male main character rescues her from the car because it was about to explode or something.... They both end up in the hospital but she wakes up first because he endured most of the injuries... Anyway after the male main character wakes up she wants to thank him for saving her but the nurses say that she's not allowed to see him yet because visitation hours were over or something like (I don't remember) so she lies to the nurses and says that he's her fiancé and that she just wants to be beside him... Then I think it was the next day that his family comes to visit him and long story short, they pretend to be engaged in front of his family, so she moves in with him for a while and takes care of him while he's still healing from the accident but they end up falling in love!!!

message 2: by BookNerdLife (new)

BookNerdLife | 53 comments Sounds like a good book let me know if you find it I would love to read it, I'm a huge romantic and books like these are just up my alley lol

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Spockles | 199 comments Sounds like Conflagration by Tessa Teevan.

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 10 comments OMG Yessssss!! Thank you so much!!

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