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Megalion | 484 comments Not your Mom's psychological thriller.

Henna and Bonn are our two main characters that we follow from early childhood. Both are gifted individuals but one has sociopathic tendencies, so he thinks. His family life is definitely dysfunctional.

They grow up to become interesting individuals. Bonn ends up inheriting a huge fortune. His passion is becoming a near expert in his various interests. Henna turns an intense fascination with toxicity in nature to a career as esteemed toxicologist.

What I find interesting about this book is both have distinct lives and their stories are told concurrently without any obvious plan of intersecting. It almost seems after the fact.

I enjoy these kind of books that aren't single mindedly focused on a central plot. The characters and the story flow usually feels more organic as real lives are more than just one chain of events.

My favorite thing about this book turned out to be the Germans. Two very odd and very tactuirn men who excel in getting things done. Anything done. White, black or grey.

Bonus... there's some mad scientist action. DNA is not play doh but tell that to them (not any of the above mentioned characters).

This and its sequel have made my "best reads of 2016" list.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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Susie | 4488 comments Well I just have to check it out then!

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