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message 1: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Ta-dah! Here is the cover for my upcoming novel, volume IV in the Still Life with Memories series, titled Dancing with Air.

To read more about the design, click here:
Cover reveal: Dancing with Air

message 2: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments ✨ At last we turned ashore. From time to time I pushed off a plank of wood, covered in a bit of seaweed, which came floating our way. That, for me, was just part of the adventure. Crossing the line of spray, where the breakers came to meet the shore, I felt sorry that it was almost over, that it was time to say goodbye to this place, where we found ourselves steeped in this strange, magical feeling.

To read more of this #Romance #Series click here:
We found ourselves steeped in this strange, magical feeling. Happiness

message 3: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments All the while I see her in my mind, not the way she is now, but the way she was back then, riding the beast, coming towards me out of a cloud of smoke, debris swirling all around her. I remember her hand as she pulled me up to my feet, saving my life.
Whatever happens to Natasha, that’s the way I’ll bring her back, always--

To read more click here:
You must now hold on to me

message 4: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Doing the happy dance! My novel ✨ Dancing with Air ✨has just been released in all ebook formats! Get it now, you'll love it!

And stay tuned: in a few days, the paperback edition will be published as well.

Click here for more:
Doing the happy dance! Dancing with Air is here

message 5: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Christoph Fischer is the author of several historical and contemporary fiction books (Sebastian, The Luck of the Weissensteiners, and more.) He is also is a high-ranking reviewer on Goodreads. I am thrilled that he invited me to come back to his website, to chat about my new novel, Dancing with Air.

He opened the feature post with these welcoming remarks: Uvi is no stranger to my blog. I’m a big fan and am delighted to announce her newest release: Dancing with Air--

To read more click here:
Writer Christoph Fischer ~ Books, Reviews, and Bookish Thoughts

message 6: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Lindsay Townsend's books are mostly historical romance and set in medieval England, ancient Rome or ancient Egypt. I am thrilled that she invited me to her blog, to showcase my novel, Dancing with Air. My excerpt started with,

At the back of the castle, Natasha removed her long-sleeve shirt, saying she was burning hot, even though the air had already started to cool down. Upon reaching the bike, she hopped onto the saddle, pretending to be the rider, but fumbling about, because of knowing next to nothing about the controls.
“So tell me,” she said, “how long will it take me to learn to ride the bike?”
“Two minutes to understand,” I said. “A lifetime to master.”

To read more click here:
Two minutes to understand. A lifetime to master

message 7: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments I'm so elated to discover a wonderful review, written by a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, for my novel Dancing with Air:

★★★★★~~Powerful/Passionate/Poignant Love Story~~
By USN Chief, Ret..VT Town TOP 500 REVIEWER on August 8, 2016, Verified Purchase
This is a powerful, passionate and poignant story of eternal love between Lenny and Natasha. It begins with memory problems that Natasha is having in 1970 and Lenny being her caregiver. Tests have been ordered to ascertain the depth of her problems. From there, the reader is invited into the intense times during WW II while Lenny was stationed in the UK - London as a military courier.

Natasha is a brilliant concert pianist and volunteers with the USO to entertain the troops in the UK. She, of course, wants to be as close to Lenny as possible. This book covers the gamut of emotions that young lovers face during the early times in a relationship. While in Britain, they travel together to the White Cliffs of Dover on a Harley-Davidson. From there, Lenny delivers some courier mail to the RAF base at Fauld barely escaping a horrific disaster.

The imagery in this book is incredible and outstanding. From the songs that are in nearly every chapter to the Harley ride along the British landscape, all of it is done with magnificent strokes of the author's hand.

Anyone who has been involved in a passionate romance will be able to feel the power of the romance between these two lovers. 'Good times and bad times, we'll be there' keeps filtering through my head. One scene near the end of the book is powerful when Lenny and Natasha go to the beach at Santa Monica. The 'bluebirds' evoke memories of a time long ago despite having a significant loss of memory. And, that is exactly how the human mind works in a sickness such as that which has inflicted Natasha. The sensuous nature of the love between Natasha and Lenny is intertwined throughout which, for me, intensified their relationship for many years.. 'Power of our passion...such is hope'.

One other thing I truly enjoyed in addition to the music was the descriptions of items not available during WW II. One was Uncle Sam limiting the hems on women's garments and not having any cuffs on them. The description of Mrs. Babcock's tin safe for meat storage was fascinating to me, as well.

Most highly recommended

Get this amazing #NewRelease #Romance: DANCING WITH AIR

message 8: by Uvi (last edited Aug 15, 2016 09:25AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Peggy A. Edelheit is the author of the Samantha Jamison Series, writing fast paced, keep-you-guessing mysteries. I am thrilled to find her review of my book, Dancing with Air:

A beautifully written Historical fiction love story
Verified Purchase

During the months leading up to D-Day, Dancing with Air, a military romantic suspense novel, flawlessly engaged this reader from page one until the very end. This WWII historical fiction read is a standalone and the fourth volume in a continuing family saga. But you don’t feel disconnected in any way if you haven’t read the previous books. This talented author has managed to incorporate military romantic suspense, family saga, with a strong female lead in a love story that doesn’t disappoint. The two main characters, Natasha and Lenny, are portrayed realistically and had me rooting for their survival together through constant obstacles constantly thrown in their path. The beginning and ending smoothly transitions in and out of Alzheimer’s disease with heart wrenching and heart warming conversations. The author, Uvi Poznansky, has written an emotion-filled, convincing chronicle of love that left me wanting more.

Get ★★★★★ Dancing with Air.

Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories #4) by Uvi Poznansky

message 9: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments After a thirty year career in the telecommunications industry, Bill Cronin sold a telecommunications and business management consultancy in 2000 to pursue a writing career. I am honored to discover his review of my novel, Dancing with Air:

★★★★★ Dancing is more than a love story. It is a window on the days ...

The novel Dancing with Air is another example of Uvi Poznansky’s five-star skill as a writer and storyteller. Although the story is part of a continuing series, (Still Life with Memories) it stands alone and carries its own weight.

Lenny is Natasha’s husband and caregiver as she faces the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The story flashes back to WWII, before they were married, when Lenny is serving in the UK before the Normandy invasion and Natasha steals away to England to serve as an entertainer in the USO to be with him. Natasha is soon embroiled in Lenny’s secret assignment, a mission that could determine the success or failure of D-day.

Dancing is more than a love story. It is a window on the days leading up to the Allied invasion of France to rid Europe of the Nazis.

What I find so compelling about this book is the excellent writing, believable dialogue, engaging plot and pleasurable story telling. The ending had an unexpected twist.


Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories #4) by Uvi Poznansky

message 10: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Christoph Fischer is well known for his in-depth book reviews and for his books, which span historical and contemporary fiction. He has just posted this beautiful review for Dancing with Air:

Like the rest of the series, this novel deals with the nasty disease that is Alzheimers’, a topic close to my heart and subject of some of my own writing. As with her other work, Uvi deals with the subject with grace, precision and depth. The result is one moving and evocative novel.
While facing the possible diagnosis of Alzheimers’ for Natasha, flashbacks tell the story of Lenny and Natasha: their time in besieged England during World War II, her work as entertainer for the troops, his work to thwart German intelligence and the many memories the couple share of that time.
Historically accurate this book adds a great deal of information about the time and place, bringing much more to the table than a tragic love story. Uvi writes in beautiful prose and balanced the tight line between sentimental and romance wonderfully. As one reviewer called it: This is “Literary writing at its best.”

To read more click here:
Historical Saturday Post: Review of “Dancing with Air”

Dancing with Air

message 11: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Joyce Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek. Once a Liberal Arts major, she has become increasingly fascinated with medicine and forensic science. which is evident in her best-selling series, Embryo. I am thrilled that she posted this review for my novel, Dancing with Air:

★★★★★ Passion, adventure, heartbreak, INSTANT CLASSIC
Verified Purchase
The writing of this intense story of love and heartbreak is what makes it a classic. You'll go through the wringer with this one, but you'll never forget it.

"I ached for Natasha from the moment she entered my life," Lenny reminisces. "We looked forward to growing old together." Alas, after decades of a loving relationship starting with the terror, secret missions, and intelligence operations of World War II, Lenny now finds himself the broken-hearted caretaker of Natasha, once a gifted concert pianist who entertained the troops, and is now suffering from Alzheimer's. Flashbacks to the war, when Lenny was serving in the UK before the Normandy invasion, are full of vivid detail, but what is most heart-wrenching is seeing Lenny now struggle daily with the ravages of Natasha's disease. Author Uvi Poznansky's writing is deeply poetic and spellbinding; every page runs the gamut of emotion.

"Dancing with Air" is the fourth volume of a family saga series titled "Still Life with Memories," but it reads beautifully alone, and is unforgettable. Five stars!!


Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories #4) by Uvi Poznansky

message 12: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Janna Yeshanova, the founder and principal of Life-Spark LLC, escaped to the United States when persecution became violent during the crumbling of the Soviet state. I am thrilled that she invited me for an interview. Her first question was, "Uvi, the history I put in Love Is Never Past Tense comes directly out of my life. How does history fit into your recent work?"

Want to know my answer? It's only a click away:
Interview with Uvi Poznansky

message 13: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments When we kissed goodbye in Mayfair
Forever I’ll recall
Chill trembling in the air
Summer turning to fall

To read more click here:
When we kissed goodbye in Mayfair

message 14: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Then I dug the gold locket out of my pocket, and offered it to her. She opened it, uttering a cry of amazement.
“Oh! It’s you, it’s me,” she breathed. “And look, there’s no tear.”
“Well,” said Mrs. Babcock. “D’you like him?”
And Natasha said, in a soft tone, “I do.”
And I said, in a tone that was even softer, “I love you, sweetheart, and I always will.”
In a heartbeat she bent over, heat surging between us, and before I could utter another word, kissed me long and full on my lips.

To read more and listen to the beautiful narration by Don Warrick, click here:
I knelt before her, opening my arms

message 15: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Today I have the pleasure of presenting the gifted narrator of two of my books, The Music of Us and Dancing with Air: Don Warrick. Don is an actor who spent his entire life presenting the written word. I asked him to write about anything that came to mind while working on Dancing with Air, and was deeply touched by what he wrote:

In the end of my story there are colors now, where before there were none

message 16: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments “You’re too critical of yourself,” I said.
To which she said, “No, Lenny. I’ve seen him decline, seen him lose his mind, and if—if, like him, I’ll ever lose mine—how in the world will I recover? How will I find my way, when I’ve never developed the skill to do so?”
I lowered my head before her.
“Never,” I said, “until now.”
“Exactly,” said Natasha. “Until now.”
And a moment later, blotting the corner of her eye, where a tear was forming, she whispered to me, “Come closer, Lenny, snuggle up, but never, ever let me lean on you.”

To read more, and listen to the wonderful narration by Don Warrick, click here:
Come closer, snuggle up

message 17: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Doing the happy dance! The audiobook edition of my novel, Dancing with air, has just been released! Share with me the marvel of listening to my gifted narrator, Don Warrick, gives voice to a young, adventurous marine, to his beautiful girlfriend, to her overbearing Mama, and to a host of other characters, painting the contrasts that heighten the drama in this novel--

To read more, and take a listen, click here:
Doing the happy dance! Dancing with Air

message 18: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments I wanted to tell her how I admired her courage, the risk she took, riding it all by herself, without my guidance, to get here. I wanted to tell her she should have stayed away. But by now I knew that for me, she would dare take any chance, come what may.
“Oh Lenny,” she said. “You look... I have no words for it.”
Overcome with sudden joy I staggered towards her.
“Come on,” she said. “Let’s go.”
In confusion I asked, “Where to?”
And Natasha said, “Anywhere, my love. Anywhere but here.”

To read more, click here:
In a matter of seconds, my entire world changed

message 19: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments ★★★★★ and Full of Understanding.
By Ia Uaro
This is a beguiling story of a beautiful love, war intrigues, and Alzheimer’s pain that’s both deep and humorous. You learn new things about fascinating places, long ago time, and challenges that some people must face in life from Uvi’s detailed and well researched work. At the same time, her excellent storytelling skills and well developed characters never fail to entertain.
I grab Uvi's work when I want to have a good time.


Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories #4) by Uvi Poznansky

message 20: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments She smiles, leans her head against my shoulder. For the duration of the touch, everything around us seems to vanish, even my worries. I gather her gently into my arms, holding her like a breath.
Instinctively Natasha nuzzles up to me.
In a heartbeat I cup her face in my hands and there we stand, both of us in awe of the moment, kissing. Her lips are both sweet and salty--

To read more click here:
Both of us are in awe of the moment

message 21: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments This winter it’s something new every day. Today at sunrise I find Natasha in the closet, which is crammed with dozens of her old, glamorous gowns. Having sneaked into it, she stands there wide-eyed and completely nude, shivering slightly in the morning chill.
A vein is pulsing on her breast. It’s blue, and so are the tips of her long, delicate fingers as she pulls a bunch of dresses down. Most of them slip off her arm, except for the slick, silvery dress, which she wore on her recital appearance in Paris, back in 1945, when both of us celebrated not only the victorious end of WWII but also our wedding--

To read more, click here:
This winter it's something new every day

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Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Utterly dumfounded I could not bring myself to say another word, which made it all the more difficult to put together a whole sentence, to beg her to wake up her daughter.
So I was just about to say goodbye and so sorry, my mistake, this will never happen again, I promise, when all of a sudden Mrs. Horowitz said, “Natasha isn’t here.”
“What?” I cried.
“You deaf? I said, she isn’t here!”
“Where, then, is she?”
“Why should I tell you?”

To read more, click here:
Because of this I wasn't able to sleep all night

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Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments My author friends have joined forces with me, to bring you amazing stories. Looking for a something to read on a balmy evening? Come listen to these audiobooks. You may win one of them!

Listen to your heart...

message 24: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments “Exactly! And until you showed up in her life, she was in a slumber, so to speak. She lived in a world of dreams, smiling at a rainbow, crying for a lost star, and giving herself to nothing else but her music, all of which made it easy for me to manage her career. Well, perhaps ‘easy’ is not the right word, ‘possible’ is. But no, not anymore! Now, unfortunately, my daughter knows what she wants and has an opinion of her own about every little thing, which of course has to be the exact opposite of mine, and the worst thing is, she takes bold action about it, which is quite clearly a mistake, and she does it with half-witted haste, which means that as forceful as I thought I was, I can do little to stand in her way. Oh my, she is out of control--”

To read more, and listen to the beautiful narration by Don Warrick, click here:

message 25: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments I relaxed a bit, but was still perplexed about the reason for his visit.
“Your father,” said Captain Smith. “How is he?”
Shaking my head, “He’s gone, sir,” I said, with a sudden catch in my throat. “Buried before I arrived.”
“Too bad you never got to say goodbye,” he said.
“Yes, sir,” I said briskly, because this was becoming too personal. “Too bad about that.”
Then he added, “You did meet the rest of your family, did you? How’s your Uncle, what’s his name, Shmeel? And oh, how’s your girlfriend?”
His questions seemed casual. They sounded like social niceties, which obviously, they were not. Every word coming out of his mouth gave me a strange feeling—oh, how could I begin to express it?—a feeling that somehow, he knew too much of what had happened to me back home--

To read more, click here:
Too bad you never got to say goodbye

message 26: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments The song is hopeful and yet, so sad. It stirs something deep inside me, bringing to the surface so many thoughts, so many unanswered questions. Did Natasha keep my letters, the ones I sent her after she left for New York? In all the years since then I have never seen any of them, which makes me wonder--

To read more, click here:
In days to come, we'll be there

message 27: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments Kathryn Gauci, a talented historical fiction writer and a friend, just posted an interview with me. Kathryn was born in Leicestershire, England, and studied textile design at Loughborough College of Art and later at Kidderminster College of Art and Design where she specialised in carpet design and technology. After graduating, Kathryn spent a year in Vienna, Austria before moving to Greece where she worked as a carpet designer in Athens for six years. This is how she welcomed me to the interview:

I am always in awe of multi-talented people who have several careers and are successful in all of them. “If you want something done, give it to a busy person” springs to mind here. My guest today on A Literary World is one such person. Uvi Poznansky has a B.A. in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and after moving to Troy, N.Y. she earned her M.A. in Architecture. This was followed by a M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. In addition to her academic career, she is an accomplished artist having exhibited in California and Israel. On top of this eye-watering list of achievements, she is a highly successful author.
Welcome to A Literary World, Uvi. It’s a pleasure to have you with us.
Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live and when did you start writing?
To read my answer, click here: LITERARY WORLD: An interview with Uvi Poznansky

message 28: by Uvi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Uvi Poznansky | 1023 comments At the bus station I look at her, surprised to discover something that I had not noticed before: a thin strand of silver running in and out through the shine, the red shine of her hair. In my eyes Natasha is beautiful, even though her figure seems more fragile than ever.
Strong is what I need her to be. What we are facing now, I’m afraid, is a different kind of battle--

To read more, click here:
Our passion may continue to blossom on this page, even as we decline

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