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message 1: by Adrianne (new)

Adrianne | 29 comments I'm looking for a critique partner that can go through my second draft and rip it to shreds (but very gently). I'm happy to do the same in return. Reply on this thread or PM message if interested!

I've written a 95k YA fantasy.
Chrestienne will be a villain. Everyone knows. It was prophesied a hundred years before her birth. Fated to be the ruin of her country, she flees to build a new, quiet life for herself. But intrigue and danger find her anyway, and suddenly it's up to a future murderer to save her country from a royal assassination. Yet all she wants is to hold onto her soul and escape her fate.

message 2: by Teri (new)

Teri Dluznieski (horsewisevt) | 23 comments interesting premise. I have 2 WIPS, and i'd love to have a good ongoing CP partnership. I'm writing epic fantasy, with a young adult element. message me if you're interested in talking some more. I'm pretty good with editing-development feedback (not professional end-polish level though:).

is your book standalone, or part of a series?

message 3: by Adrianne (new)

Adrianne | 29 comments Sent a PM!

message 4: by Adrianne (new)

Adrianne | 29 comments If anyone's still interested swapping mss as beta readers, I'm available!

message 5: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 14 comments I'd be interested :)

I have a WIP that is a currently 60k and growing YA urban sci/fi. I would love a CP that could comment on general thoughts on plot, character, and where the novel is going, etc. I have one CP already, and would love another!

message 6: by Christian (last edited Aug 22, 2016 05:14PM) (new)

Christian Nadeau | 13 comments Hi Adrianne,

I'd be interested. On my side, I have a 240k epic/dark fantasy novel which I'm currently editing (roughly 40% done).

Here's the blurb:

400 years ago, mankind was slave to the Vhaells, but a bloody rebellion changed the world forever as humans claimed their freedom from their masters with sword and sorcery.

Now, mankind is led by the militaristic Brotherhood of Khan, the man who once led mankind to freedom, Sorcery has been labeled as a heresy and the Brotherhood uses fear of the Vhaells to rule undisputed.

Marac is a former assassin, living off odd jobs on the streets, laying low to avoid attention. When he gets hired by a hunted man to steal a trinket and accompany his client into Fey territory, things quickly spiral out of control.

Alex is a young Lightbearer. Gifted with the power to bend heat and light to her will, she is helpless to prevent the massacre of the hidden monastery where she spend her last few years. As she fled, she'd been given an important task though, she has to warn other Ezekan monasteries that the Darkbearers have gathered their strength and that they're a threat once more.

Soren is a young officer of the Brotherhood of Khan, the first major noble to enlist. As he graduates, he's given the task of hunting down collaborators of a heretic who was recently sighted in Tyranor. As he starts investigating, he soons find out there is more to that heretic's tale than what he'd been told.

If that sound good for you, e-mail me:

Christian Nadeau

message 7: by Ana (new)

Ana | 44 comments Hi Adrianne,

I'm interested. I have a contemporary YA edited novel, around 60 k. Here's the synopsis:

Georgia is getting sick of everyone telling her about college and the importance it holds on her future. All fifteen year old Georgia wants is to be free, in every way. She loses track of time daydreaming and is obsessed with Good&Plenty candy.

Georgia's mother, Darla, has other expectations of her daughter. Single parenting isn't easy, but when Darla remarries it's not Georgia's stepfather who helps the two women coexist. Pete, her stepbrother, becomes more than just Georgia's new best friend.

Despite the changes to her life, Georgia remains aloof about the future. She whiles away her afternoons reading Vonnegut and watching butterflies land on dandelions.

But when Georgia witnesses a murder, she has no option but to grow up and start caring about the world around her. Although her world changes in an instant, Georgia struggles to move on and face the real world.

Thank you!

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