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Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster
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July 2016: Biography Memoir > Into Thin Air - John Krakauer 4/5

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Nicole D. | 1496 comments I'm so in Between the World and Me mindset, it's hard to avoid the obvious "white privilege" aspect of this story ... paying $65K (in 1996 dollars) to get to the top of Mt. Everest ... (or die trying)

Avoidable tragedies bum me out, and this certainly falls into that category. But it was really hard not to get caught up in the excitement and adventure of this story.

Being neither an outdoor person or a person who can tolerate the cold, I cannot IMAGINE in a million years wanting to do something like this. But I understand the mind of a collector and a collector needs to have them all, and Everest was one of the missing for these people.

Both entertaining and sad, it was hard to put it down once I started.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6673 comments Glad you "enjoyed" this read . . .I love the outdoors and skiing, but honestly, that almost makes it HARDER for me to imagine ever doing or wanting to do something like this. Which is why I find books about it so riveting I guess. With skiing, you are about 1/3rd of the altitude of Everest, and if you ever try to hike up the hill a few feet, say to recover a lost ski, you realize how absolutely hard climbing a mountain like Everest must be. It is beyond my comprehension.

As you know, I loved the book . . .even though it is very tragic. Just the whole human nature aspect of it combined with the adventure . . .I couldn't put it down.

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annapi | 5130 comments I enjoyed this very much too, especially as I realized afterwards that I had read Jon Krakauer's original Outside magazine article on the tragedy. Unfortunately, that was years ago and I no longer have the copy of the magazine (I used to have a subscription) so I could not compare it to the book.

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Jennifer Pope (jenjunum) | 902 comments I had forgotten that this was a memoir since he was there. I agree it was excellent. Even though I knew a tragedy was coming I was so enthralled by the story. He's an excellent storyteller. Reading the book was close enough for me. And learning more about the sherpas was amazing. I knew, of course, that their climb was more impressive than the paying hikers, but I hadn't realized just how incredible their feat was/is.

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