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Diane Zwang | 1289 comments Mod
The 13 Clocks by James Thurber
3/5 stars

I chose this book for a buddy read for my son and I this summer. The book was much more adult-like than I had expected. The plot was simple but the language is what makes this book unique. The characters have unusual names like Xingu, Zorn, and Golux. The author also likes to use made up names such as zatch and guggle. It is not a traditional story in that poems are used throughout. My son commented that you had to “pay careful attention” while reading this story. I enjoyed reading this entertaining story but it will not be made a classic in our house. I think the book belongs on the list due to its unique story telling style.

Patrick Robitaille | 975 comments ****

No ordinary tale these 13 Clocks;
True, it has a princess and a dark Duke,
A prince faking minstrel – but a Golux?
Whether the ending is fair or a fluke,
Or its sical pages are full of whim;
Whether words are woven in void reverse
Or the plot’s cracks contain plenty of gim;
Read it yourself! – pardon my paltry verse.

Kristel (kristelh) | 4207 comments Mod
I read this in 2010. I loved the cover art from the hardback version. I borrowed it from the library but would love to own the hardback edition. A dark fantasy tale considered to be children's lit. Author known for word play.

message 4: by Zeejane (last edited May 18, 2021 06:41AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Zeejane I listened to the audio version, narrated by Edward Woodward. He did a very good job narrating, but the constant background music was distracting and unnecessary. As for the story-this was my first book by Thurber and I liked it. I'm not usually a fan of children's books, but as Kristel said, this was a fairly dark tale, which held my interest. I loved the rhythm and rhyming throughout, very easy to follow along and picture what was happening.

My only complaint was that the characters were pretty shallow. Cliché hero/princess etc, without any depth. Really, the best developed one was the evil duke, he had personality whereas the other characters were cookie-cutter bland. But besides that it was an entertaining and fast paced story.

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