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message 1: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto if you guys have a youtube account, tell us

message 2: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto animeluv303
punkjjchan(cosplay account)

message 3: by Grantaire (new)

Grantaire (americajapan) | 16 comments Atemishotgirl12

message 4: by Soon-yiHearto (last edited Jul 26, 2009 06:52PM) (new)

Soon-yiHearto i for got bout our cosplay account

punkjjchan(cosplay/back up account) wat ever you wanna call it
bamboozleninjaspro(cosplay group account)

message 5: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto i know that

hey can you email me the pics from last halloween? im doing a video with those pics and the metro con

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