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message 1: by CG (new)

CG | 6 comments Hi. I'm in the navy currently, but I'm also going to college for english. I want to be an editor when my contract ends. I would love the experience helping you edit your book until that happens! Thank you.

message 2: by Lan (new)

Lan LLP | 13 comments Hello,

What kind of books would you be willing to edit?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Muellers | 7 comments what she said ˆˆ

message 4: by Magnus (new)

Magnus Stanke (magnus_stanke) | 18 comments ditto, I'd be curious

message 5: by Teri (new)

Teri Dluznieski (horsewisevt) | 13 comments i have an epic fantasy, (young adult?) currently novella at approx 34k words. it's been draft-read a few times. i'd like to work on expanding it out a bit more so that it meets novel-length. it probably needs a bit of developmental editing, as well as line editing.


message 6: by CG (new)

CG | 6 comments To all, my preference is fantasy/science fiction. I'll be able to get through it quicker. However, I'm willing to edit any genre because the grammar in structure is what I'll be focusing on. :)

message 7: by CG (new)

CG | 6 comments *and structure

message 8: by Anne (new)

Anne Martin | 94 comments hi, CG, any idea of the price? per page, per book, per hour. I don't know how you work.

message 9: by CG (new)

CG | 6 comments I'm more looking for the experience and fun right now. I did not think to ask for payment. Although I have faith in my abilities, I am still not a professional.

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