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Archive > please,I need help! I cannot remember the name of this book or the author!

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message 1: by Jodie (new)

Jodie | 7 comments Unfortunately I have forgotten the name and author of this book. This is what I can remember. The heroines boyfriend cheats on her with her sister. She moves out of their apartment and goes to live with an artist. This artist is,practically a strange. Her boyfriend and sister stay together since her sister is pregnant. (I THINK. A the heroines family barbecue she finds out her mother is not her biological mother. Her mother, sister and sister in law are really bitchy. She meets this guy who jogs every morning and they get together. I'm not sure about this part though, the guy the heroine sees in the mornings is a private detective who helps her to try and find her birth mother who was her fathers secretary. (I think)

message 2: by LadyTechie (new)

LadyTechie | 22 comments Cripes that sounds really depressing. Was it good?

message 3: by Jodie (new)

Jodie | 7 comments LadyTechie wrote: "Cripes that sounds really depressing. Was it good?"

It was brilliant, from what I remember.

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