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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA, fantasy -- A girl who doesn't speak is married off to a man from another town and goes to live with him, she fights an evil witch to save herself and her new husband [s]

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Jessica M-day | 2 comments I think I remember reading this book around 2010-12
I got it from my local library in paper (or dead tree, as I've heard it be called)

I can't remember the girl's name, so I'll just call her GIRL

GIRL doesn't speak (personal choice, I can't remember why). GIRL is married off to a man from another town, because her mother is getting sick and wants to make sure that he daughter will be taken care of.

GIRL moves in with her new husband and everyone looks at her funny because she doesn't talk, so she stays home a lot taking care of the little farm they have there.

GIRL eventually meets and learns about this rich noble woman in town (who.. spoilers.. is an evil witch) who has been trying to marry GIRL'S husband for years because she wants his estate and access to this magical well at the back of the property. The witch used the will to kill his first wife by writing her initials on a stone and throwing it into said magic well.

GIRL learns all about this and know that she has to defeat this witch to save herself and her husband, but since she doesn't speak, she knows she is on her own.

The witch once tried to kill them by summoning a storm that scares GIRL'S cattle and had them running straight for a cliff, GIRL'S husband begs her to yell out to them to stop them from running, but she can't and they all end up falling to their doom.

As the husband becomes distant after the death of this most prized assets, GIRL knows that she is running out of time.. She eventually is able to over come the witch and the two of them are happily ever after.

I remember the ending very distinctly because the two of them are sitting under a tree on a beautiful day and he looks at her and asks her a question.. Not expecting an answer, of course.. but to his surprise and the reader's, she responds. Her first word in what seemed like a lifetime.

I remember it being such a wonderful story.. I really want to read it again! I hope this is helpful to someone out there.. Thank you so much in advance for your help!! :D

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Jessica M-day | 2 comments Kym wrote: "The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston?"

YES YES YES That's it!! Thank you so much!

You have yourself a wonderful day.. I'm off to Amazon! Hahaha

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Kym | 1058 comments That's great. Enjoy

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