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Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Here is the July 2016 Comedy read - Under the Net!

I love Iris Murdoch and was so excited I already started! Who is joining me this month for this quick read?

Leslie | 825 comments Not me. I have managed to accumulate too many library books and will be focusing on those...

Darren (dazburns) | 741 comments Mod
I was supposed to be reading this this month, but the Amazon Marketplace seller I bought from has mysteriously failed to supply :o(
will be re-ordering from different source tonight...

Kirsten  (kmcripn) Hope to join in! Just ordered a copy via interlibrary loan.

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Oh awesome! I thought this book was a lost cause, but I'll gather and post my thoughts shortly...

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
So, I do want to clarify that my 2 star rating for this book was due to my expectations more so than for the actual quality of the book. If this was any other book or author, it would have been 3 stars, but I was hoping for more from Murdoch when I picked this up.

I adore Murdoch's language and writing, and "Under the Net" is no exception. Her imagery really speaks to me, and I can get very swept up in her words. She also includes many hilarious and true lines that show an amazing insight into human nature.

That being said, there is also always a scene in a Murdoch novel that is laugh-out-loud-on-public-transportation funny, and this book, of course, had one. The scene about trying to rescue/kidnap the dog had me laughing on the metro, and I really enjoyed it. It was the highlight of the book.

Overall, though, I didn't enjoy the meandering storyline of "Under the Net". I've learned that her plots are frequently crazy and all over the place and I eventually always "get into" the story, but it never happened for me in this one.

I enjoyed the read, but was disappointed for it being a Murdoch. I guess I'll just have to pick up another of hers!

message 7: by Darren (last edited Aug 17, 2016 01:39AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Darren (dazburns) | 741 comments Mod
I started this a couple of days ago and am 40% through
my first Murdoch and initially a bit bemused as to how someone could write a book based around the rather odd relationship between Jake and Hugo
I am liking the way Jake's personality is coming across though, and just "going with" the meandering plotline
some bits are very funny too, especially the scene with Jake and Starfield where (view spoiler)

Darren (dazburns) | 741 comments Mod
Just finished Under the Net - thought it was excellent see my review
now want to read more Iris Murdoch - anybody got any suggestions...?
(currently thinking either The Bell, The Sea, the Sea or The Black Prince)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) Darren - I really enjoyed The Black Prince.

All - I'm about 1/3 of the way through and once again Murdoch's language just wins me over. It's funny. This is my 2nd Murdoch and the plot isn't the big draw, it's her language. Somehow she just draws me in.

This main character is hardly that endearing. (Why does any put up with this leech?) But everything else is fun.

Kirsten  (kmcripn) I just finished today. I really, really enjoyed it. The situations are hilarious, it's like a slower paced Wodehouse. I wish I could explain just why I like Murdoch so much. It's a mystery to me.

Leslie | 825 comments Well, your description has made me more interested in this!

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Darren - I LOVED "the sea, the sea", but I also enjoyed "the black prince" and "the bell". You can't go wrong on any of those (and incidentally, I liked them all better than "under the net")

I agree, Kirsten - its the language. The plots are okay, but I usually find that I am reading her books for the language (and the psychology) more than for the plot itself. This was especially true in "the sea, the sea".

I also really like Murdoch, and also wonder why when I read the description of literally any book she wrote.

I'm glad so many enjoyed and I'm glad I've converted at least one person to Murdoch here! :-)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) Oh, it's definitely not the plot, Kaycie. It has to be the writing. I loved the books I've read so far.

Leslie | 825 comments I plan on reading this soon - my first book by Murdoch.

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Oh fun, Leslie! Please post your comments! Like I mentioned about, though, it wasn't a favorite of Murdoch for me, but I am curious as to what one might think of it if it is their first!

Leslie | 825 comments I just finished this - while I enjoyed it, it didn't strike me as particularly funny. I wonder why it was in the Comedy section? Maybe if you are an author, Jake & his situation would be more humorous...

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Oh my, it was the kidnapping the dog scene, I have to say. I barely remember anything about this book, but I remember that! I also remember laughing out lout on the metro on my way to work while I was reading it...

There are a lot of books listed as "comedy" on this list that I never even chuckle through, so a literal laugh-out-loud section actually works for me.

Leslie | 825 comments That was pretty funny, though it didn't make me laugh out loud. I might have found this more amusing if I hadn't already categorized it as humorous in my mind before I started. Expectations can get in the way!

Darren (dazburns) | 741 comments Mod
as I said in my review, my favourite scene was when Jake was sat outside a door eavesdropping while being watched by increasingly suspicious neighbours - I definitely laughed out loud during that!

message 20: by Phil (new) - rated it 2 stars

Phil (lanark) | 461 comments Bought to read in the next few weeks (I've got all the group w monthly reads that I've not read in a separate category so I can catch up after reading the latest month's). I've read a fair bit of Murdoch and never quite put a finger on her or her popularity, so I'm looking forward to reading her first novel.

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